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Trekking the World Review | Board Game Quest


We review Trekking the World, the sequel to Trekking the National Parks. 

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2 months ago

Great review, thanks!  Question - how do you think Trekking compares to PARKS in terms of gameplay?

Partner2 months ago

I only played Trekking the National Parks (not this one), but they are fairly different. PARKS feels more like gamer Tokaido while Trekking feels more like a next step Ticket to Ride. 

Supporter2 months ago

Nice reivew. I liked the first Trekking game so this should be fun too.

Premium User2 months ago

Nice review as always! I don't think this one's for me which seems a little sad considering we do like to travel. I think you're right that the appeal would wear off pretty quick.

2 months ago

looks interesting, I like the artwork

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