My Top 10 Favorite Game Art

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This is basically 10 games whose art I really like. I didn't spend a ton of time coming up with it, so there are probably some I missed. By "art", I generally mean the cards, box, board, and sometimes tiles, though I guess some other small components could be included as well. Without further ado:

10. #Roam - no list about art without Ryan Laukat! I have not played this game, but I love the art.

9. #Wingspan - lovely birds, lovely boards, lovely box. What more do you want?

8. #Century: Golem Edition - awesome cartoony golem art

7. #Bruxelles 1897 - really cool Art Deco theme

6. #Tapestry - hard to argue with the aesthetics of Tapestry. I especially love the board, but the buildings are a really neat touch, price inflation aside.

5. #Irish Gauge - Ian O'Toole has made train games beautiful with this one and #Ride the Rails

4. #Nemo's War (Second Edition) - I love the look of old maps, and this game looks great all around. Ian O'Toole, yet again.

3. #Inis - this game has some insane Celtic looking art on its cards and I can't get enough of it

2. #Everdell - the most adorable anthropomorphized animals with an awesomely overproduced board and extra components make for one of the most eye-catching games you'll find.

1. #Oceans - is anyone surprised? This game is gorgeous. The watercolor art is super colorful and eye-catching, and the almost 90 cards in the Deep deck all have unique pieces of art on them. Amazing.

And that's it! What are your favorites?

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Supporter10 months ago

Glad to see #Inis mentioned here! Did not know of #Oceans art, Interest peaked.

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah I love the art in Inis. And the art in Oceans is so great. Even the less crazy "Surface" trait cards are really beautiful.

10 months ago

Ooooh pretty, it is amazing how much artwork has improved over time in board games.

Oceans looks absolutely gorgeous! I really love the art for Odin's Ravens

10 months ago

Premium User10 months ago

Oh wow that is great!

Supporter10 months ago

Agree with most of your choices but I think#Scythe and #Root should be on here somewhere too 

Premium User10 months ago

The art for Scythe is excellent but it's too grim for my taste, haha. The board is really cool though

Supporter10 months ago

Nice choices. I would maybe replace Bruxelles with Pax Emancipation. But these are still beautiful games. 

Premium User10 months ago

I do like the art on that!

Premium User10 months ago

Nice choices!  My top game art would be:

1) #Brass: Birmingham and #Brass: Lancashire: I fell in love with it when I saw it in the kickstarter.  One of the few times I was sold on something other than the game.  Luckily they are amazing games too!

2) #Scythe Jostles with Brass for 1 & 2 regularly.  I find the art really draws me in to the game and helps the game context make a lot more sense for me.

3) #Forbidden Stars From the box down to the lowliest Ork Boy this game exudes Warhammer 40K.  

4) #Teotihuacan: City of Gods I just find this game gorgeous end to end.  It can be a tad busy initially but the artwork is great.

5) #Kingdomino The art isn't epic or anything but it is simple yet varied enough to fit the game perfectly.  I couldn't imagine any other art with this game.


Premium User10 months ago

I do really like the look of #Teotihuacan: City of Gods. That's a game I hope to try some day!

Premium User10 months ago

I highly recommend it!

It's on tabletopia if you want to give it a whirl.  

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