Top 5 things I have enjoyed about TableTop Simulator

Again, a kind of inversion of my previous post but I think still interesting. While lockdown has come with many cons for board gaming there are also a few pros of playing games on TTS, tabletopia or other dedicated platfroms, here are mine:

5) No set-up/tear down - While games do tend to take longer online, a greater proportion of that is spent on actually playing the game rather than dealing out cards ot trying to fit everything back into the box which I think is pretty cool. Of course depending on the game some might require some set up but a lot of them are already layed out for you ready to go, which is nice.

4) Being able to easily look at the board from different angles and zoom in on things without getting in anyone's way. This is a very handy feature, it means every can view the board the right way around, read different cards (including anything in front of an opponent) without having to ask for things to be passed around or moving anything. This makes some games more accessible in my opinion. it also has the added bonus of your opponents not knowing what you are looking at so you can plan things in secret and levels the playing field a little for newbies who might not have memorised everything.

3) Getting to play games I wouldn't have access to otherwise. While TTS has been about long before Covid, I don't think I would ever have bothered with it, but it has a huge wealth of games available, including those that are out of print or prohibitively expensive. While that can present an issue in terms of cheating the designer/publisher out of money (something that Tabeltopia rectifies by paying them) I don't think it has any chance of being the main way I play games and any game I really like I will probably end up buying. Likewise, a lot of the games we played someone already owned so that felt less crappy. However, it did allow me to give #Dice Throne, #Batman: The Animated Series Adventures, and #Dominion: Second Edition a go which I otherwise might never have done otherwise. Also, was great to play #The Defence of Procyon III which I have back on kickstarter well before it arrives in 2021.

2) Being able to easily save a game and come back to it at a later date. This is really handy (especially with games taking longer) it means if someone suddenly had to dash all wasn't lost or we could start a heavier game even if we only had a couple of hours. This flexibility meant that people didn't have to give up whole evenings to games so we could play more often.

1) Playing regularly with people I probably wouldn't have otherwise. So I have a group of friends from university who are all now scattered across the country: We love playing games but generally will only meet up a few weekends a year to play. However, during lockdown I we have arranged several gaming sessions between us with much less hassle and more frequently than getting together in person would have been. And while playing games with these people is great it has also just meant I have spent more time with and am more up to date with people I care for, which is amazing.

So that's what I've got, would love to hear if any of you have had anything positive come out of lockdown with relation to this hobby?

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Supporter3 months ago

How do you like the UI? 

3 months ago

I found it pretty easy to use, there is a bit of a knack to just taking one card instead of the whole deck but othwise it was intuitive. Mostly it's just WASD to move and mouse to pick stuff up and move it. 

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3 months ago

Tabletopia is about the same, both have small changes but are functionally as easy as each other to use

3 months ago

Excellent points all around. However, I think the best thing about TTS (for me, anyway), is the ability to flip the table. Always a pleasure after the game is over. hahaha

3 months ago

Haha, that is very true, although I always worry it will crash my poor laptop XD

3 months ago

lol Fair point.

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