BGA Feature #80 Discover tab (not as cool as I want yet)


Like I mentioned in the last post we now have new ranked pages for Publishers and Designers. I've moved those into a new drop down on the top bar called "Discover" and added in ranked pages for Mechanics and Categories as well.

There's one more page that I'm in the process of making that will go in that dropdown which will have a rotating set of game lists to help discover new games. I'm hoping to have that done on Monday so I can finally move onto some good server work that I orginally had planned for 2 months ago.

One other change I'm considering making is allowing users with a certain level on the site to help input more critical data like publisher descriptions, images, etc rather than just the admins. Would anyone be interested in helping with that?

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3 months ago

Looks very cool, I really like how the publishers/designers get at least some of their descriptions immeditaely available

I know so little about the indsutry that I am not sure I would be much use writing descriptions, but would generally be happy to help out in whatever way I could

Owner3 months ago

Seeing it all organized feeds sooo nice :)

3 months ago

I can imagine it is great watching the site become more and more what you want it to be

Owner3 months ago

It does feel like things are more thoughtful these days, haha.

3 months ago

I'd be interested

Supporter3 months ago

I like the feature. And I love your self depreciating title.

I think opening the door to some experienced users might be a good idea. 

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