Ability To Filter Out Multiple Post Catergories In The Top Post Or New Post List

BGA Feature Request

Is it possible to add an ability to filter out or opt in only to the post categorizes I want to see when viewing the list of top post and new post? I understand that I can use the options on the sidebar to view all the post within a single category, but it would be nice to see all the top post or new post of multiple categories without viewing some of the categories. For example the list of post are dominated by all the post tagged "Review." This buries all of the other post that I'm interested in seeing without having to click on each section of the sidebar to view each category individually. Could this also be a feature for the personal feed? Thanks.

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Supporter20 months ago

I can build that. Great idea.

20 months ago

Yeah, this is a great idea.  Thanks for working on it Trent.

20 months ago


Supporter19 months ago

I'm still working on how to make the feature more usable but the feature is live. You can add on ?exclude_flair=Review or &exclude_flair=Review if you have other parts in the URL already.

I'll be working on the front end part of this but I thought I'd share the progress.

example: https://www.boardgameatlas.com/forum?exclude_flair=Review