Gugong Panjun – Revisiting Ming China With 4 New Expansions

Gugong: Panjun – 4 Modular Expansions to the Popular Board Game

Gugong is still a pretty recent Kickstarter title. The original campaign happened back in 2018, got more than $300.000 in funding and attracted nearly 5000 backers. Andreas Steding, is however not new when it comes to creating board games. The German designer debuted with self-published Hispania back in 1994. Later on he made his first huge hit with Hansa Teutonica (rank 118 on BGG) and kept delivering high quality euro games over the years.

Another great thing in Gugong is the sheer amount of things to do when you want to achieve your goals. Wandering around the country, sailing to ...


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12 months ago

Gugong looks really cool. I'm rather drawn to these types of games.