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Another one to be excited about

Seems like forever since I heard the Dice Tower crew gush about this one - it's finally hitting US distribution and I should get it in the next week or two.  Seems like another fun draw and write, family weight game that can scale to many players :-)

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2 months ago

Here's Zee Garcia's review


Premium User2 months ago

Thanks for linking the video! I just watched and while I can see where it might be fun, I don't think it's for us. For me personally, I think I'd prefer to have more things chain together. As for our families, this would definitely be too boring thematically.

2 months ago

Never heard of it. Time to check it out!

2 months ago

cool, I'll have to look into it

Supporter2 months ago

Nice. I'll have to add it to the watch list. I think I remember the Dicetower talking about this one

Premium User2 months ago

Had to look this one up too. Anything that BGG list's as having a "Bingo" mechanic appeals to me. My fiancée is a bingo fanactic.

2 months ago

the bingo mechanic is interesting

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