What Feature Should I Add to BGA Next? [Supporter Only Post]


I have a list of upcoming features and I want to make the first supporter only post to find out what you want to see next. Here's my thoughts:

  1. BGG account syncing (right now the website as a 1 time import tool, so I'd expand it to always be up to date with BGG stuff like play logs)
  2. Play Log Improvements (I'd like to have all the graphs and data that is available on the BGStats app as well as some fun additional graphs and features like recommendations based on play history)
  3. Profile Hover Preview (If you hover over a username, it'll pop up more info about the user and show off their avatar)
  4. Topic & User Following (Just like Game and Post following, you'll be able to follow/subscribe to a topic or user and get notified of new posts)

Which one of these would you like to see first? Is there a different feature that you think is more important that I should be working on?

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