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Moderator Program Signup

The team at Board Game Atlas is pleased to announce our brand new moderator program and we want you!

On Board Game Atlas, the game and product data you see is moderated by your peers in the board game community.

The BGA moderation team will be composed of a few courageous volunteers who will lead that effort and, of course, get a premium membership and a new status to thank them!

All moderators start at Level 1 of the program and then can graduate to higher levels of responsibility based on their contributions. You will be provided guidance on top priorities from our team.

Moderator Responsibilities

  • Work on data quality projects to increase the usefulness of the product.
  • Provide information and insights to the community.
  • Spend a minimum of twenty minutes per week on moderation.
  • If you agree to take on a task, you must see it through, but you can exit the program whenever you wish.

Ideal Moderator Qualifications

Anyone that wants to become a moderator must go through an interview process to show they are both responsible and trustworthy. Here’s a list of suggestions to help show that. These items are not required and completing all these does not guarantee that you’ll be accepted but it’s a good starting point.

  • You are an active member of the BGA Community (Sign Up For an Account Here)
  • You must have a respected reputation with the BGA ecosystem.
  • 100 quality wiki contributions (update game info, flag errors, add new games, etc)
  • You have a solid foundation of board game experience and knowledge or you are willing to learn.
  • You must hold yourself to a high standard of discourse and interaction.
  • You must speak English fluently.

If you meet these requirements, we will set up an interview to discuss further. Nothing is guaranteed, all decisions are up to our discretion.



Once you feel like you’ve shown that you’re responsible and trustworthy you can apply via the below link.



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Moderator Level 119 months ago

Once again, you all have come up with an amazing new feature to improve this community!  So happy to be a part of it!

19 months ago

Thank you!! We have some other exciting things planned and cannot wait to roll them out.

19 months ago

Loving all the imrovements and slowly but surely progress you guys are making to a better system. It seems like every time I check in, there is something new going on! Keep it up!!

19 months ago

That is the goal. Thanks for the feedback!

Moderator Level 119 months ago

I like this! I haven't been on the site in a while but could join when time permits. 

19 months ago

Thank you for the kinds words. We love all your contributions, keep doing what you are doing!

19 months ago

Please, say that the approach will be different from BGG.

19 months ago

We are not going to speak to how other moderator programs are run. We are just happy we are in a great position to move forward and think there is a lot that can be done to make the board game community a better and more exciting place!

19 months ago

Is this program being started because there is need for it right now? I can't say I am the most active user of the site, but still haven't seen a single comment, not a single one, that needed moderation, other than the random spamm messages that get flagged very quickly. So, if the owners feel different, if they believe that there is already need of moderation because some comments are inadecuate, then, I'd respectfully will most probably abandon the site. I know I am just a single user, but I think that it can be useful information in any case.

19 months ago

We love your passion !! The moderation program need, at least for right now, is more about improving the overall data across the site, not so much monitoring the forums. To confirm what said. 

Moderator Level 119 months ago

As I can't speak for what occurs on other sites, and I don't know all that BGA has in mind for this moderator program, my take on this description is that it is to help more on the back end data side of things (add missing information, correct information links, etc), not moderate discussions and comments from users. Hope you stay a part of this community! 

19 months ago

That would be fantastic! I love this site. I want to keep seeing the same content and that is why I would hate to learn that the owners feel that some of our conversations are out of bounds.

Owner19 months ago

Yes, the term moderator is a bit confusing because it typically refers to conversation moderation like on BGG and Reddit but the program for us is just for helping moderate the data that we have on product information for the website.

In the future we may need help supporting the forum but we don't get too much spam currently so it's easy to handle for now.

19 months ago

Thank you for the explanation!

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