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Top 10 Thematic Board Games | Board Game Quest

If you are looking for a game that ties its theme well to the mechanics, check out Dylan's Top 10 Thematic Board Games. 

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8 months ago

#Specter Ops is the only one on this list I've played, but man I really do love it. 

I would also add #Nemesis to that list. And probably #Star Wars: Outer Rim.

Premium User8 months ago

I find the list interesting and I think I respectfully disagree with it in it  I tend to think of theme games as being at least losely based around a common popular theme such as the #Dune listed by @theDL.  This is not necessarily in order except for #1 which I would place as my #1 theme based game.

1. #Firefly The Game

2. #Star Wars: Rebellion

3. #War of the Ring (Second Edition)

4. #Twilight Struggle

5. #Dune

6. #Dinosaur Island

7. #Dinogenetics

Supporter8 months ago

I am not sure how you can consider #Mage Knight to be part of the list. If you look at your parameters about the theme being the most important part of the game, and then consider how the game has had another theme ported straight on top without much, if any damage to the gameplay. I have seen a lot of commentators that believe that he star trek theme actually fits the mechanisms better than the mage knight theme. 

To be clear, I have not played Mage Knight, But I own, love, and regularely play #Star Trek: Frontiers. I am not saying one is better than the other, I am just struggling to see it included in your list given your parameters.

Partner8 months ago

Well it's not actually my list (we have 10 different writers on the site). I fact, I even noted in the intro that my list would look very different. That's a far comment IMO though. :)

Supporter8 months ago


8 months ago

Haven't played any of those! I'd be impressed if any of them matched #Dune for theme immersion, though! That game IS the theme.