The BGA Hacks Winners are...


Judges Category

  1. Bryan with his web app:
  2. Gabor with his beta android app:

Audience Vote

  1. Bryan with his web app:
  2. Gabor with his beta android app:

That's right! Both the judges and audience came to the same conclusions! Congratz to the two winners! Bryan will receive $200 worth of board gaming prizes, Gabor will receive $100 worth of prizes, and the 3 other participants will each get a board game as well for participating!

Thank you again for a great event and I'll be doing my best to help develop these projects with you and support making them great!

There was a lot of great feedback and thoughts from the judges about each of the submissions as well. I'll compile all that info to give to each of the participants as well so please thank them for their time and participation!

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17 months ago

Great job guys! Very impressive for only 1 day of work! ;)

Supporter17 months ago

Thank you for BGA and Trent for hosting this event and is providing their services. Thanks for the judges and the voters to take some time to look into the projects. And for the sponsors for the prices :)Please feel free to share your thoughts about my project BOARD GAME SCOUT.You can contact me in private messaging for feature request, or give some feedback, report some bugs.

17 months ago

Congrats to everybody. Unfortunately I was asleep, I thought I had a extra day to work on my app so I didn't submit my latest version.. I hate timezones haha

Anyway, you can expect a new release of BGA: Pocket this week with forum integration...

(Ps. This was written from the BGA Pocket app!)

Supporter17 months ago

That's unfortunate, I would've definitely voted for your app if I got to see the updated one! Next time :) 

17 months ago

This is really gratifying, thank you everyone!  Thanks also to Trent/BGA for running the hackathon, and for everyone who helped.

I'm looking forward to hearing the feedback and polishing up the app for the community :)

Supporter17 months ago

Loved seeing everyone's product. Looking forward to what you all come up with next time around

Supporter17 months ago

Super cool.