I'm Trent, Owner of Board Game Atlas & Publisher of 3 Board Games; Ask Me Anything


I created board game atlas as a side experiment in November 2018 and then launched the live version of the site rebranded as Board Game Atlas on January 9th.

I created 3 board games that launched on Kickstarter.

I've also been married about 5 years and have a 2 year old son now! Feel free to ask me anything.

I'm posting this now and will start answering questions at 12pm Pacific time!

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Partner23 months ago

What kind of traffic does BGA get?

Owner23 months ago

We're averaging about 70,000 visits per month right now.

Owner23 months ago

What's your favorite feature on Board Game Atlas? 

Owner23 months ago

I think it's the price history right now. It's pretty simple but I like the info a lot.

23 months ago

Where do you get all the data for the website? Is it from BGG? If it is, isn't that against their terms of service?

Owner23 months ago

First of all, I don't use BGG data. Here's where it comes from

  • The initial set of data for the games came from Amazon's API and retailer connections (about 12,000 games)
  • The data since that time has come from the users. It's a wiki style website so anyone with an account can add/edit games
  • The rest the data like forums, game lists, plays has all been input by users as well

I also open up all this data for future developers to use both commercially and non-commercially so that no one else has to do the work of collecting all of this if they want to make a cool project.

23 months ago

Why did you start Board Game Atlas?

Owner23 months ago

The original idea was that it'd be a way to market the board games I was publishing under 5 Color Combo. I made the first version as an experiment in about 2 weeks and got a much bigger response than I expected. Over time, it continued to grow to the point that I felt like it was worth putting aside game publishing to work on this full time.