If I'm going to use a cards scrap ability, do I still get to use it's base ability?

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For example, I play an Explorer and I want to get it's 2 "coins" and use it's scrap ability to get 2 combat. Can I get both if I'm going to scrap the card?

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19 months ago

Yes, you always get all abilities of the card whether or not you scrap it.

19 months ago

Yes scrapping is done after other abilities.

19 months ago

Absolutly! You'd play the card as normal and get it's base ability, in this case 2 "coins". Then you would scrap the card (I usually indicate this by shifting it sideways or "tap" it) and get the 2 combat. Once your purchasing and combat has been resolved, move the card to the scrap pile and the next player takes their turn.

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