Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Review - From Hero to Zero


I really like NPI reviews. This was no different. And the ending lol. 

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Premium User5 months ago

I honestly didn't get the shot at Tom at the end. I have never felt that way about his reviews.

Supporter5 months ago

I admit I sorta enjoyed it. 

I think that maybe what they are saying is that he sometimes rates certain things higher than what they would. I personally have noticed this in his reviews. He might bump a game up because of theme, storage, ease of setup, art, or whatever, even if he wasn't quite as hot on the gameplay. I think its ok to do that. But, NPI is very "Gameplay only." 

Supporter5 months ago

I agree, its totally okay since its his review and he can do whatever metric he wants but on some ocassions I've seen some very "just okay" games get their approval. But its his style and NPI has their style which is usually very critical.  

I preffer NPI cause I enjoy that very critical element and insight. Even though it migh be a very popular great game, they highlight some short comings even if they liked it themselves. 

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