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In this board game renaissance that we live in, there’s no shortage of awesome games to play as a family. We could make a top 50 list and we’d still be leaving out some amazing titles. But if your family is as busy as ours are, you definitely don’t have time to play 50 games.

T​o help you narrow down your choices for the next family game night, we’ve picked the top 10 board games for family fun, that will have you laughing, cooperating, and asking yourselves, “What on earth just happened???”

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9 months ago

I think a bigger issue than finding "family friendly" board games is often "board games that everyone in the family will enjoy. good list!

Partner9 months ago

It's like an never ending RPG campaign. So many games (side quests) and you keep on walking around for that loot :)

So many games unexplored ! :(

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