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Macaron – “A delicious cardboard” – Cardboard Guru

Players: 1-5 | Time: 20-30 Min. | Genre: Trick Taking Disclaimer: A prototype copy was provided for this review. Even though we are in a glowing age of board games, trick-taking is still stuck in t...

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Supporter2 months ago

Looks delicous! 

Premium User2 months ago

Sounds like the game is trying to have too many twists on the standard trick taking formula. I'll take your word for it that it's still simple lol. Doesn't feel that way to me but I've of course never played :P

2 months ago

Here's what you need to know

Trump Suit - You know the deal

Allergen Suit - Makes trick worth 0

2 - Neglects Allergen Suit

1 - Win with it, counts as 3 tricks instead of 1


Premium User2 months ago

That breakdown makes it sound a lot simpler. Thanks!!

2 months ago

The macarons do look delicious lol.

Premium User2 months ago

They certainly do! Can you eat them?

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