What did you play this week? (11/15/2021)

(11/15/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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#Kahuna - Played on BGA with . Lost as usual but had a good time!

#Similo - My Board Game Barrage Ghost Turkey struck again and got me another pack of this in the form of #Similo: Animals. Sarah and I played 5 back to back games simply because we could not win a single game until the last lol. Those animals are really tough!

#Royals - My Meetup group had an event on Saturday and we played this game while waiting for my friend to show up. Quick little area control/majority game that I was pretty bad at lol. Spent a lot of time trying to knock people out of their spots on the board instead of going for things that would actually score me points. What can you do? LOL

#Spirit Island - One of the guys in the group shares my love of this game. He has the #Spirit Island: Jagged Earth expansion, which I'm super jealous of. At any rate, he basically facilitated/taught a 4 player game consisting of myself and 3 others who had never played before. We won by getting to terror level 3 and getting rid of the cities. I played as a spirit from the expansion that didn't feel very helpful, though I suppose I generated a good chunk of the fear we needed to win.

#Via Appia - I won this in a BGG auction awhile back and only just this past Saturday got the chance to play it. Pretty quick game with a cool "coin pusher" mechanism. Never saw that type of mechanism in a game before.

#Arboretum - My BGG Secret Santa sent me quite the haul of games (I'll have to make a post about this a little later) including Arboretum. I've been really excited to try this out and Sarah thankfully agreed to play. She beat me pretty badly so I'm eager to get a rematch in soon.

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Dang I forgot that we played Kahuna! I think because it was just about the first time I've started and finished a game on Arena in the same day lol

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No worries! I only remember what I play because I use BGStats to track plays

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Lots of games this week as usual.  Some online and some in person:

  • #The Castles of Burgundy (Board game arena): The shine hasn't come off this game at all and likely never will at this point.  Just something about it hits a super sweet spot for me.  I couldn't quite put something together in this particular game and came last but still had a lot of fun!
  • #Nippon (BGA): On the other hand the shine on this one is rubbing off fairly quickly.  Not that it's bad, it's not, but there are a lot of other things I'd rather play than this one.  I can see there is a lot of strategy in there to be had but it's not grabbing me for some reason.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS) x4: Played a few games online of a new deck I am making to decide what to use to tackle the mad titans shadow campaign.  I've decided on a Thor Aggression deck.  I think I've got it fine tuned quite well.  Spectrum Protection and Nebula Justice deck are the other 2 so I'm expecting a fun time!  TTS makes setup a lot faster for testing like this.
  • #ImhotepBGA): Played a game with my group.  This game doesn't work turn based.  I mean, it works, but having live opponents really makes the game.  Especially when you send their carefully laden ship to a completely useless port.  Doing it turn based is just lifeless.
  • #Curious Cargo (TTS): First time playing this one and I quite liked it!  Definitely would play it again.  It's pretty quick, has a good decision space and I tile laying games so it all works for me.  You have to be really flexible in your thinking as you need to work with the tiles you get and the layout of the trucks leaving and coming in to your factory.  
  • #Russian Railroads (BGA): The shine isn't coming off this one for me and I've pre-ordered #Ultimate Railroads already. :)
  • #Hardback (BGA): First time playing this one.  Wow this is a lot of fun!  I tend to enjoy word games anyway but this one adds some good gaming elements with push your luck in there to boot.  Highly recommend it!
  • #Star Wars: Outer Rim (Physical): First time playing this one.  I picked Han Solo and I was determined to try to get the millenium falcon.  Unfortunately I had a really poor start and the game ended one turn from me acquiring the falcon.  However, I had a blast and more or less role played as han solo for the afternoon so that's not too bad.  And despite the poor start I was only a turn or two away from winning myself in the end.  Fun game!
  • #The Crew: Mission Deep Sea (physical): Played a few rounds of this one after Star Wars and it's just as excellent as last time.  The random card setup gives you some very interesting situations but we managed to pull off, or nearly pull off, some pretty tricky ones.  Great game!
  • #New Frontiers (BGA): Decided to try this one again.  It's definitely a decent game.  Not sure if it's better than #Race for the Galaxy for me but I could see it giving it a run with newer players as things are laid out a little nicer.  Still a decent game.
  • #CuBirds (BGA): Played this one with my group.  I enjoy it!  It's quick but has some decent decision making but it's mostly about doing your best and seeing how the cards lay.

Another good week!

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oo would you be down to play #Hardback again? I've wanted to try that for a while as well.

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah for sure!  Let me know when you want to play and I'll join.

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got me into the game. I'll give it a go, but it's not my favorite lol. I think it's because I'm not the best at vocab.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Haha woops

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I'm good to go whenever. Would you recommend it at 2 or should I wrangle some others?

Premium User10 months ago

I think better with others.

Started a new game: Hardback • Board Game Arena

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On it!

10 months ago


When we meet, we have a signup sheet for the raffle of “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “held at the end of each season it goes like this:

It will cost you $1.00 to play in the “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “each Thursday night you are there to play in the club, one entry for the $1.00. There is a signup sheet for keeping track of your entries into the raffle drawing, and the end of the season. You get one entry point for just showing up and playing board games with other club members. You get a ¼ point entry for each opponent you beat when you win a game, times by the number of hours it took to play the game, rounded up to the nearest hour you played, and game named. When all those dollars add up to $50.00+, the season ends, and we have the drawing for the store credit of $50.00+. We also award the Wil Whea9en Award for the most winning points this season of “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “. Other players that do not want to pay the $1.00, you can play games for free in the other game room, but not with club members.

November 18, 2021

This was 3rd week of Season 49.

We had 8 players show up to play board games at the “$1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB” on this Thursday night gaming on one table. We would like to welcome new players on any Thursday night.

On table one

We played one five-player game of “Puerto Rico”, this was for Todd he came in last but said he really like the game and would play it again.  The winner of the game was Aaron 55, then Mike 53, Katt 51, me (Tom), and Todd.  This was a close game.  GREAT WIN AARON.

We then went on to play as five-player game of “Formula-D”.  Starting positions, Katt, Aaron, me (Tom), Todd and Mike. Finishing me (Tom) winner, Katt, Todd, Aaron, and Mike.    

We then played a five-player game of “Custom Heroes“ won by me (Tom).  The final round we all had 10 points and any player winning the round wins the game.  

The night belongs to Aaron and Tom, each winning a game or two.

The players that got their but kicked were Mike (again), William, Kirk, Todd, and David.  The losers get to pick the first games they want to play next Thursday night.

Mike a loser will bring “Circadians, First Light” Under Water Cities” and more.

Here is a video for learn and play thru for “Circadians, First Light”:



On the 16th of December, Mike will also bring “Formula-D”. This will be the second race of a seven-race season. The races will take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 7PM. Points will be rewarded as fallows, 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 8 points, 3rd place 6 points, 4th place 5 points, 5th place 4 points, 6th place 3 points, 7th place 2 points, 8th place 1 point, 9th place and on 0 points.

You will get to design your car and name you Drivers.  Mike is naming his driver Brandon.  Also, a Trophy will be awarded to the Drive at the end of the 7th race with the most points. Here are the rules for advance “Formula _D”:


Now for the 3rd week of Season 49 running for the Wil Wheaton Award, Tom jumps into 1st place with 10.25 points, Katt falls into 2nd with 5 points, Aaron is in 3rd with 4.75,  Joshua is in 4th with 2.25 points, Keng, Kirk, William, and Cody are all tied for 5th with .75 points. Wait, what?  Mike still doesn’t have a win in 10 weeks!  

I know some of you guys read this dripple. I would like to know your thoughts of the games you played, your likes, and dislikes, what you would like to change about playing games of Thursday nights. What kind of tournaments would you like to see played, etc. This paragraph will stay in weekly until I get a lot more responses, from the players here, please.

Robert is, in charge of tournaments, the next tournament is? Mike would like a “Catan” tournament still.  

On the December 2, 2021

Bring in games you want to play. Other than that, ask on this thread about a game you would like to play but do not have, or want to learn, let us know on the form, and if anybody has it, and most likely willing to teach you. We are a good friendly, family none woke board gaming group of players, that are 1776ers, that think CRT should be and elective taught in college. Hope to see you there at the:

Play is from 5pm to 11pm.

Game Café
107 West Lexington
Independence, MO. 64050

Tom Bumgardner

Moderator Level 110 months ago

With taking a day off work to spend our son's 18th birthday weekend playing tourist for 24+ hours in nearby Portland, OR, I didn't have time to play any games last week.  Looking forward to game night this week, though!

10 months ago

Pretty good week for me as I got all 3 of my gaming groups plus my monthly Saturday events in.

  1. #The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - so having a bunch of nuclear waste isn't ideal.  Who knew? Came in a very close 2.
  2. 6 games of #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine as we finally beat scenerio 34 and 1 try at 35.
  3. #Champions of Midgard - Ran away with this one thanks to having the lowest amount of blame/shame.  First time playing without the expansion and I gotta say I really miss the expansions.  Still a fun time.
  4. 3 games of #High Society which is always such a fun time, even if I didn't win any of the games
  5. #Forgotten Waters at the full 7 player count.  First scenario took just under 4 hours for the 7 of us.  Really fun experience.  I don't think I would play at 7 again.  3-5 is probably the best player counts.  Too much down time waiting for everyone else to complete their actions.  We won the scenario but I  need to double check the threat level mechanic to see if we cheated.
  6. #Wasteland Express Delivery Service - really enjoy this game, even if I never win it. 
  7. #Furnace - another play.  I won this one pretty easily as I had a very nice engine going early. 
  8. #Nidavellir - a game I enjoy but don't do very well at.  Again came in a very distant last place. 
  9. #Camel Up: Off Season - I hadn't heard of this one and they threw the Camel Up IP on it cause otherwise I'm not sure this game would sell very well.  Not busting meant I ended up running away with this game as well.  some interesting mechancis and game play but honestly I think I'd rather just play regular Camel Up if I wanted something within that universe.


Premium User10 months ago

Good week for sure!

I really enjoy the Manhattan Project: Energy Empire.  You don't hear a lot about it though so I consider it a "sleeper hit".  

Champions of Midgard is a classic that I absolutely love.  I agree though that it is much better with the Valhalla  expansion at least.  It's still good without but much better with.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service was an interesting one.  I've played it once and enjoyed it but two things stopped me from getting it.  1) the price (although now that I have been around a while that's not too bad), but also 2) it could really use some more pvp action.  I won the game by running a nuke and the other player had nothing to stop me and oculd only watch me win.

10 months ago

My group has played WEDS now 10 times and we enjoy it.  Despite that we still haven't played the campaign that is in the back of the rule book.  There is a varient where the players can attack each other.  We've played that way 3 or 4 times and despite what you might think really hasn't changed the amount of pvp attacks.  I'm surprised you won with the nuclear bomb as everytime you enter a new tile you are suppose to fit a raider truck and you can't use the escort service to fly around the board. 

Energy empire is a game where after the first play my BIL ordered it off of Amazon on his way home that night.  Its got a pretty decent solo mode as well. 

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah the solo mode is pretty good.  

I wonder if we played Wasteland wrong?  I don't remember an attack on every tile.  Mind you, it was 5 years ago.


10 months ago

Assuming you were playing the "Questionable Decision" mission which is the one related to carrying the nuclear weapon from one location to another then the rule book states "While you are carrying a nuclear bomb, every time your truck enters new terrain,  you will automatically be ambushed by raiders." 

I don't expect you to remember a single game from 5 years ago and its easy to forget a rule like that, especially if a friend or two has lost interest in the game and you just want it to be over with.;)

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah, it was at the first SHUX too so we were just sort of learning as quick as possible.  Either way it's still one I would probably get if I could get it cheap.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

In person:

  • #Lost Ruins of Arnak 1x @ 4p - taught some friends this game and they enjoyed it! One of them got on a roll with the research track and took about 15 turns in a row after all of us had passed for the round. Needless to say, she won, but she also got the highest score I've personally seen yet in this game: 90 points. Not bad for a first play!
  • #Pandemic 2x @ 3p - surprisingly, this was my first time ever playing this game. I enjoyed it! Very light on rules, but fun puzzle-solving and fire-fighting co-op game. I think I still prefer #Horrified in this category, but I had fun with this. We lost our first game and won the second.
  • #War Chest 1x @ 2p - went to a bachelor party for a friend over the weekend. We didn't play many games, but I did get to play this one, which is always welcome, as it's one of my favorites.


Premium User10 months ago

So what did you think about Russian Railroads?  It's one of my favourites.  The Ultimate edition is going to be one I get for sure I think!

Moderator Level 110 months ago

I don't think I can give an opinion on it since I never learned the rules and I still don't really know how to play lol

Premium User10 months ago

Definitely worth reading the rules.  It's not the easiest game to wing it. :)

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Haha, I think my coming in dead last was proof of that