Recent BGA Features


It's been a while since I posted what feature's for the site that I've been working on. There's been a ton of small things but I'll list out some of them

  • New links for game lists on the front page and results page (small group games, games for families, etc)
  • Improvements for the article writing feature like autosaving, adding lists and image adjustments
  • Improved formatting for PMs to allow new lines
  • Reducing the top level links to focus the site more
  • Bringing the image upload link to the front of game pages rather than in the edit page.
  • 5 new API calls

Some of the upcoming features will be

  • A personal recommendation page
  • Additional features for game publishers
  • Further improvements to the game pages

Let me know if you have any other feature requests!

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mdoom 6 months ago | 2 points

Ohh....details (or link) to what new API calls there are?

trentellingsen 6 months ago | 3 points

It's mostly forum posting related. You can now vote, edit comments and posts, and I think there were a few other small things added. You can see the changes and suggest new ones on the development trello board