Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Playthrough - April (with SPOILERS (but hidden this time))


Early April - Win at 4p and boy was it exciting!

So two objectives this month: find the base in Europe and find 3 testing sites in South America.  We learned our lesson for last time and were determined to get all 3 testing sites even if we had to only complete the lab objective and finish the testing sites next time.  The game basically dealt us an allied team to start off so I wasn't sure we were going to get the 3 neutral teams we would need for the testing sites.  

This month's game also throws us a bunch of curveballs in the beginning of the game.  Symptoms? Partial Paralysis?  Take a symptom card when you enter a contaminated city AND if it has a cube in it?  We also get our neutral aliases this month.  We got fairly lucky with the disease cards during the game, they came up but I only had to go in and clear each of our contaminated cities once.  My job is the Research Assistant, so I figure I'm ususally giving my cards away anyway so I just ate all 4 symptom cards.  Because of this we are now extra determined to find all 3 testing sites.  We joke about how it would be so not funny if this time finding the testing site means you accidentally contaimintated it or something.  Also during the game one of the incident cards causes 2 of our folks to have to scratch off a cover box on our allied aliases.  The Research Assistant gains a liability and chooses not to be able to use restricted flight in the Pacific Rim region (its only 3 cities, I have a feeling we'll be using this region a lot).  

We used 3 cards to find our testing site in Warsaw and about halfway through managed to complete that objective.  It doesn't look good to get enough neutral teams.  Then all of a sudden we get our flood of neutral cards and then we managed to make the last two teams in the last round of the game.  We win with 2 cards left in the player deck.  

Overall, we didn't use our new aliases much.  Our MCC took the Plastics Expert one and had a couple of times where he managed to get extra actions, which ended up being crucial, but our new aliases are just not that skilled yet.  We didn't even give our end game upgrades to our new alias, instead choosing to give the gunbrella and the authorization code that lets you take out an agent in a neighboring city to our Operations Expert equivalent, I forget what this game's title is for her.  We also did one coutner surveillance.  We chose to do one less point this game to make up for our using too many points in our last few games as docker37 suggested.  

I have a photo of our board but I can't figure out how to hide that under spoiler text.



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9 days ago

Played April last night @ 4 player.  

Oh boy 2nd Aliases - we were super excited to get these.  And the ability to switch between aliases in the middle of the game is something I wasn't sure we were going to be able to do but I'm super excited about.  3 of the 4 new aliases seem exciting and useful; although the one we didn't think would be useful was the one time we needed it. 

Also the Symptom cards look terrible and I am not looking forward to having those in our hands moving forward. 

We ended up cheating a little bit by creating teams using 3 cards instead of 4 for the role that can create with one less.  Oops.  I don't think it dramatically impacted the overall success we had in the game but it made things a little easier to keep things cleaned up. 

Objective 1 - Disrupt Trial in 3 South American cities.  We were able to do 2 of the 3 again.  While it sucks we couldn't get all 3, I'm pretty happy with our ability to get 2 of them stopped.  Also both of our outbreak cities are a single move away from Lagos so we put a permenant safe house there after the game so we'll be able to use Auth. Code 424 to clean up agents from both locations without going into the city. 

Object 2 - Bug the Control Center in Europe.  Was able to complete this objective on the last turn of the game.  Took 3 turns of planning to make it happen.  It basically came down to either Moscow or Warsaw as the control center location.  Our team builder was going to get the last turn of the game and he had picked up enough Soviet cards to build the team but we just needed to get him to Moscow were we built a previous safe house (lucky).  In order to cover our basis we had the Ops specialist build a safehouse in Warsaw as well and then he had the ability to see which city ID city.  Got the soviet team in place and then he flew to DC since we have that restriction and was able to bug the control center with the last action.  Great win even if slightly tainted. 



Bonuses: 1) Spent 3 points to build the safehouse in Lagos to put it between the two cities with exposure. 2) Spent 1 point to give Auth. Code 424 to the Ops specialist so he could fly to that new Safehouse and clean up either exposed city without taking the symptom cards.  3) Spent 1 point to remove an exposure eye in Dehli.   

Premium User2 months ago

I see you've upped your spoilers game but this just makes it easier for me to spoil your comment section with my useless nonsense!

But seriously I think because of you I'm going to pick up#Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. Your enabling has finally peaked 

2 months ago

Haha it does at that.

Yay Season 1!  I will be awaiting your playthrough posts =) Hope you and Sarah like it.  I've never played any of them 2p so that will be interesting as well. 

Premium User2 months ago

Well I'll have to buy it first and since posting this I've officially bought 3 games with gift cards I got from our early Christmas get together. My older brother also didn't help, buying me#Arkham Horror: The Card Game out of literally no where for my birthday

2 months ago

"since this posting"? So 3 games in 30 hours?  haha

Premium User2 months ago

Well...33 now but yeah...

So here's the thing.. lol

I got permission from Sarah to buy whatever I wanted with the remainder of our shared gift card as long as I bought a document safe first. So I did and just so happened to have enough for #Secret Hitler and #Orléans: Trade & Intrigue (does that count as a game?). After that, I realized I had enough money to get #Detective Club with some non shared gift card money lol.

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