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Is there a game you disliked at first but now you love?

Hi all,

I was just thinking about #Coup and how it is one of my favourite group games/ travel games. However, when I first played it I thought it was too luck based, I went out early and didn't ever think to try playing it again. It wasn;t until a couple of years later that I played it a few times in a row and really started to understand the magic of it. I still think there is plenty of luck to the game but the game is more really in trying to read your friends, present yourself as not a target, and bluff like crazy all the time. It produces so many laughs and plays so quickly that even if you go out immediately you aren't going to be waiting more than the time it takes to go grab a snack.

Are there any games you disliked first time round (or even for longer) but now you have come around and really enjoy them?

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Premium User3 months ago

Interestingly I hated #Coup the few times I've played it. I just never went back to find out if maybe I'll like it better now as you have. Most of the time if I don't enjoy a game right away, I rarely give it another chance.

Supporter3 months ago

I never hated it.... But.... Carcassonne was a game that I didn't enjoy when I first played it, but I sure do now.