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Here are all of the users who joined in the last 5 days! Please give them a warm welcome :)

Thanks for joining and I hope you find something worthwhile either through the community discussions, our search engine, or our latest giveaways! Also, we're giving away more than $5000 worth of board games until the end of 2020, so make sure to contribute and get in as many entries as possible.

Lastly, for us to get to know you, it'd be great if you could take the time to answer any of these questions: 

  1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?
  2. How long have you been in the hobby?
  3. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?


Again, a big thank you for coming on board and please feel free to give any feedback through a forum post or by giving me or  a direct message.

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10 months ago

1) I think it was the banner ad on boardgameprices (though @indigopotter might have also suggested boardgameatlas.com was becoming increasingly interesting.)

2) Never?  Since my earliest childhood?   I suspect both are true to some degree.  My parents - for their first ('paper') anniversary gave each other games.  They divided the alphabet in half, and bought games from their side to ensure there'd be no duplication.  And so, when I was born a few years later, I entered a house with loads of games - and with parents (an later: siblings) that were happy to play them with me.  But is that 'the hobby'?  Not sure.  While I love games, I've never been terribly motivated to chase the new hotness, or care particularly about what Important Industry Personages thought about a game.

3) #Magic Realm is and has been my favourite pretty much since I bought my copy in the fall of 1979.   And while there are few things that I've rated higher the next two games that currently have my attention are #Bus and #Die Dolmengötter.

Partner10 months ago

I gave you a Phoenix like.

Premium User10 months ago

I don't think I've heard of #Magic Realm. What's it about and how does it play?

10 months ago

#Magic Realm is a fantasy adventure game.   The game presents a hostile realm for the players to visit; and they wander around and try to survive; to gain fame, treasure, and notoriety; and possibly to master new and arcane magics of which they had previously been unaware.

The game isn't remotely balanced.  The game gives the players a choice of sixteen different characters to play.  Some are easy; some have serious advantages that are situationally valuable; and some are really hard to get right (and consequently really rewarding when they succeed.)

The game setup is even more varied:  there are ten different native groups; dozens of different monsters and weapons; the occasional wandering NPC; and more than a hundred different spells and treasures that might appear.  The map is drafted by the players out of 20 different hex tiles.  And the locations of all of those things are randomized on the map that results.  It's inconceivable (and there I assert that word really does mean what I think it means) that you'd encounter the same setup twice* in a hundred lifetimes.

Back in the 70s I played with my younger brothers.  Then again with my eldest child when he was a pre-teen.  And now again with my now-adult children.  It's engrossing, rewarding, occasionally frustrating, but absolutely worth trying.  It also has a 240ish page rulebook in its most recent incarnation which is ridiculously daunting.  So the barrier to entry is nontrivial.

*: Not technically true.  If you were to play the game using Robin Warren's cool Realmspeak java implementation it'd be completely possible if you used the same random seed twice in a row.  But with the cardboard parts?  Inconceivable!

Premium User10 months ago

That sounds both completely overwhelming and at the same time really awesome! I have so many questions..lol

How long do you have to survive? Is it co-op or are you in direct competition with other players somehow? And as a final question for now, if after you die/lose and you play with the same player, do you have to start over?

10 months ago

The game is played in 'days'; and normally for four or eight weeks of them (though it's completely possible to extend the game for longer periods.)  If and when one dies, one typically takes a day off then restarts.  We've had games where a restarted player has won!  (But, yeah:  restart with beginning equipment; not respawn with accumulated gear.)

The game, by default, has each player playing independently.  Whether that devolves into a loose cooperation; explicit cooperation; mutual ignoring; or an active Player-vs-Player aesthetic is totally up to the players; the game doesn't require any of those postures.  (It is useful to try to make sure - before the game - that one is on the same wavelength as the others.)

Premium User10 months ago

Dumb question but I'm assuming you mean in game days and not actual days? Otherwise you might be playing the same game you started in the 70s haha. 

You've got me real interested in this. Know of anywhere you can still get it?

10 months ago

You're absolutely right: the turns are called 'days' :)  They're much shorter to play.

As to buying a copy; I've not seen one for (what I'd think was) a sensible price for years.  (At a con a ~dozen years ago, there was a dude trying unsuccessfully to sell an unpunched copy for $20.)  The copies on eBay right now are all stupid expensive.  


Premium User10 months ago

Well that's unfortunate. Probably for the best though since I doubt I'd ever actually get to play it more than once or twice

10 months ago

How did you find Board Game Atlas?
I started sweepstaking as an isolation hobby, it led me here! But I was already an avid board gamer.

How long have you been in the hobby?
I've been playing board games with my family for about 6 years? Give or take. 

What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?

I'm in love with Carcassone, it was the game that solidified my love for board games. I also really like Ludwig Castle games. I recently started to love T.I.M.E. Stories as well!

Premium User10 months ago

I saw #T.I.M.E. Stories at my FLGS and it looked pretty interesting. It's just a one time playthrough though, right?

10 months ago

It's "one time" but it can take 1-10 times to get it right. They're really good for my family because there's a bunch of us, so different groups can play depending on who is at mom's that weekend. My mom also has a bad memory so she doesn't mind replaying them. 
We also will replay it with other friends/family and just keep our mouths shut so it doesn't ruin the fun for the new players. 

Premium User10 months ago

Oh that sounds really awesome! I wish my family had the patience for playing games like that. They can barely get through a game of #Just One without cheating lol

10 months ago

Martin here from Wellington in New Zealand (although I’m originally from Aussie).  Thanks very much for the nice welcome.

As regards the 3 questions

  1. Like at least one other new member, I saw Board Game Atlas mentioned in a thread on BGG, in the debate about the new homepage, For me this was just another annoying development with BGG, so I also took a look at BGA, and thought, yeah I’ll give it a go!
  2. I’ve been boardgaming for more than 4 decades. Have more than 1800 games (and am still married somehow).  I’m a gamer rather than a collector – according to me, anyway – but have still to get around to playing heaps of them.  But I’ve just retired (although COVID is making this the worst possible time to do so), and retirement seems ideal for boardgame playing!
  3. Favourite games?  Question is too hard!  But one thing is for sure - I play for FUN!  I still love ‘Space Crusade’. Love playing ‘Zombies vs Cheerleaders’ (who knew playing cheerleaders could be so tense?).  And maybe ‘Arkham Horror’.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the ‘vibe’ on BGA, and contributing to the community.  [If you’re in New Zealand too, get in touch!][  Thanks again.

Premium User10 months ago

Hahahahaha LOVE the "and still married somehow." I have less than 100 in my collection and am wondering if my fiancée will still make it to our wedding!

Owner10 months ago

1800....... wow! Which game is at the top of your wishlist at the moment??

10 months ago

Hi there.  Maybe 'Chimera of Gold'.  This is seemingly a version of Malefiz/Gold Rush/Barricade, that I found referred to, and pictured, in 'The Book of Games' by Jack Botermans.  It looks very cool IMO, and so I've been looking for it for years, but have yet to find other references to it, or copies for sale or even shown as owned on the Net.. Botermans says that the game was described in R.C. Bell's 'Board and Table Games from Many Civilisations', but I have 2 editions of Bell's book and so far have been unable to find a reference to it there.  An intriguing mystery ...

10 months ago

Thanks for the welcome.

 1) Found out about BGA from the acquisition of boardgameprices. 2) Longer than I can recall. 20 years I guess. 3) I don't normally do superlatives. But #Tak #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs and #Photosynthesis are pretty high up there (Tak definitely being 1 and the others high up in ranking at the least).

Premium User10 months ago

Welcome! A buddy of mine picked up #Photosynthesis and I haven't had a chance to play it with him yet. What do you like most about it?

10 months ago

I love abstract strategy and this one takes an entirely different tact from most [besides just having theme!]. It's more than two players and is in fact improved by having more players. I've played it at two three and four players and I personally think it is at its best at 3, but still fantastic at 2 and 4. There's also a of different decisions to make, since it brings in a heavy amount of resource management into the game, which is another mechanic I find especially appealing (imagine if you had to pay your pawns in Chess). I actually have the expansion arriving tomorrow.

10 months ago

Time for some answers!
1. I arrived here due to Boardgameprices joining up with BoardGameAtlas.  I wasn't aware of it until that time.  Then I got an email, so I jumped on over.

2. I've been a gamer since the 70s, really; but in the early 1980s, there weren't many boardgames in the US to choose from (there were a handful, like Mystic Wood from Avalon Hill). I primarily played RPGs until the late 1990s, when the dam broke and we started getting Eurogames in the US and US publishers started getting up to speed (hard to believe AEG started making D&D modules).

3. Right now, my three favorites?  Tough call, but the first one is a no-brainer: Quacks of Quedlinburg. I've gotten it to the table more times than any other boardgame (except for small filler games), have upgrade everything about it and am eager to get more. A Feast for Odin is a game that I've played as much solo as multiplayer, but I love it unreservedly, especially with the Norwegians expansion, which is essentially a 1.5 version of the game.  Third place is highly contested spot here, but I'll have to go with Crokinole. I just love it, even though I'm (checks bgstats) TERRIBLE at it.

Premium User10 months ago

Glad to have you on board (pun intended).

I just sent my BGB Ghost Turkey (Secret Santa, long story lol) target #The Quacks of Quedlinburg and was real close to picking it up for myself. I might just have to throw it on my wishlist

10 months ago

Hello! Thanks for the welcome

1. I found Board Game Atlas when browsing sales for games. I never buy games at full price.

2. I've only been in the hobby a few years. My friends brought #Betrayal at House on the Hill to play once and my mind was blown.

3. Hm... my current favorites are #Memoir '44, #Aeon's End: War Eternal, and #Specter Ops: Broken Covenant. Great games.

Premium User10 months ago

I will under very rare circumstances pay full price for games. Great example of this was I went to a LOVELY FLGS in Philly on vacation recently and picked up #Codenames: Pictures just to support them.

10 months ago

1. I found Board Game Atlas through internet searches.

2. I've been very casually in the hobby for about 5 years, but over the last year I'm getting more and more into it.

3. This is tough because I still haven't played a ton of games. Plus, with COVID it is hard to get groups together to play. As of right now: Carcassonne; Stone Age; Welcome To...

Premium User10 months ago

You should check out Board Game Arena if you haven't discovered it already! #Stone Age and #Carcassonne are both on there.

10 months ago

I haven't played games on a simulator yet. I play #Carcassonne on my tablet, as well as #Small World #Ticket To Ride #Castles of Mad King Ludwig and #Encore. I'll have to try out Board Game Arena. Is it pretty intuitive?

Premium User10 months ago

Only cause I'm a little confused by your simulator comment lol..Board Game Arena is where you can play games in either real time or turn base, where you can take as much time as you'd like in between your turns, with real players/friends. Some of the games on there require a premium (aka paid) account but it's pretty cheap. The games they have are pretty well integrated by keeping and tracking scores as you play. If there's a game you don't know how to play, they link to instructional videos and the rulebooks. 

10 months ago

 1. Probably a giveaway. I've been familiar with BGA for a while but never really paid much attention until I started looking into the ranks and comparing them to BGG.

2. I've always enjoyed games, but I've been really addicted to it for about 3 years.

3. The next 3 I get to play! ;) But more seriously, lets go with Clank! In! Space!, Loot of Lima, and Star Realms!

Premium User10 months ago

I definitely feel the next 3 I get to play sentiment. Was just saying how much I favor playing games I most recently picked up lol