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Trekking Board Game


Good afternoon everyone.  My wife and I have a goal of buying a campter in the next year or two and take advantage of living in Colorado and near a lot of national parks.  As a result my wife (this is a big deal if you don't know me yet), asked me to look into the game #Trekking the National Parks: First Edition.  Well since it's her request I'm naturally very interested.  I'm wondering who has experience and what people think?

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5 months ago

As said, I reviewed the second edition. And it's good! I think it's a solid game for sure. The mechanics are pretty easy to grasp, so if your wife doesn't like game on the more difficult side, this might very well be a good one for her. And while it's lighter in regards to complexity, it's still good and has a lot going for it. That's the tl;dr haha

Here's a link to my review:

Supporter5 months ago

Thanks!  Have you played#PARKS as well.  Since they are the same theme I wonder how they compare.  For some reason I'm naturally drawn to Parks over Trekking.  But that's not based on watching reviews or rules videos.

5 months ago

I haven't played Parks, so I'm afraid I'm quite useless in that regard.

Supporter5 months ago

Thank you for sharing 👍🏼

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