Dice Based Games or Card Based Games?

Dice Based Games(1 vote) 20%
Card Based Games(4 votes) 80%

5 votes

If you had to pick only one to play for the rest of your life which would it be dice based games or card based games?

I recently had this question asked on the podcast (link below) and I was super confident about my answer until I started to think about it more. So I'm curious what would you guys choose?

The Meeple in a Gamestack Podcast #37

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22 days ago

That's a tough question-I only have two games that are dice based, and only two others that use dice when a specific card is draw or other action taken.  I am interested in trying more dice games, however.

22 days ago

Haha it's not an easy one. There are probably many more card based games than dice based. What dice games do you have? If you're interested in trying more I'd recommend #Champions of Midgard or #The Taverns of Tiefenthal

21 days ago

I have #Istanbul: The Dice Game and #King of Tokyo.  I've recently seen a review for #Rajas of the Ganges and thought that would be interesting.  I'll have to look into the two you mention.

21 days ago

Oh yeah #King of Tokyo is an old favourite, how is #Istanbul: The Dice Game?

12 days ago

I like it. It can go from 15-30 minutes which is great for a game that doesn't require a lot of strategy because you don't know what you're going to roll.  Based on the dice roll, you either earn coins, a card (which can give you extra goods or coins), a market tile which gives you additional abilities/rewards, goods markers, or a crystal which will allow you to reroll once.  The dice and goods markers are interchangable which helps a lot. The goods and coins are traded in for rubies, and first person to five or six rubies (based on player count) wins.  It's easy to learn and fairly quick.  It's increased my interest in #Istanbul: Big Box.