BGA Feature #73 New "Full Article" Feature


In case you didn't know. When you make a post on the forum, there's a small link that says "write a full article" which changes how your post will display which makes your content look like a full fledged blog post and comes with some additional functionality (like embeding a video). 

This feature has been used primarily by @philryuh and @indigopotter as their primary article writing tool but frankly it was broken in a lot of ways and I was embarresed that others were trying to use it.

But those days are over and the new editor has been completed! It's built using the same tech behind the new comment/post box that I published a couple days ago so you get the power of autocomplete in the article as well!

If you're participating in this week's weekly challenge, then feel free to try out the feature if you want a fancy looking post!

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Premium User11 months ago

Awesome! Hopefully I will put this to use this week!

Supporter11 months ago

Cool, that is great. Love to see these improvements.


Owner11 months ago

I know you constantly have your hands full so I appreciate you getting to this. Thanks! Now, time to test it out and give you all the bug reports xD

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