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What did you play this week?

This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Premium User21 months ago

We got in three games:

Agricola Revised Edition. I had a lot more experience than the other players and it was a bit of a route. I realized this was the first game I added bling to. With the custom meeples and then I have fimo characters of five types.

Sentient: First play on this. It was a hit. It is not very deep, but engaging and beautiful. The scores were really tight, 68, 69, 72.

Stuffed Fables: Started over with friends. They borrowed it and were going to binge it over the weekend. When I get it back I'll paint it.

Suburbia: I've been playing the app quite a bit. Waiting for the deluxe version KS to fulfill.

Owner21 months ago

I finally unwrapped Santorini I got a month ago and played for the first time with my wife 😅