Weekly Challenge #3 The Shelf of Shame

So, 3 big games came off the shelf of shame recently. #Scythe #Viticulture: Essential Edition and #Terraforming Mars (with Prelude).  Plus one slightly smaller title, #Between Two Cities

We really enjoyed all 4, and especially Viticulture.  Most of these had been on the shelf for over a year, some closing on two years.  They are fairly big games to set up and learn (Sythe and Mars) and so were always put on the back burner for something new or something easy to get to the table..Like The Crew (87 plays) lol.  But very happy to have gotten all of them to the table and have had mutiple plays of each except Syche at this point but will definately be going back to that one.  There is a great feeling when you finally get a game, especially games of this calibur to the table after so long.  You also have the "benefit" of having read about them and watched playthroughs of them multiple times so you have a much better understanding of them going in than a game you buy and play right away.  Not that I'm suggesting this is a good strat to play games but it was a "benefit" in this case.  I still have a lot to go, Over 30 games still on the shelf unplayed, but most of those are newer...The big one that needs playing is Gloomhaven...but I just got in the Jaws of the Lion and that will happen first and hopefully transition us easily into the bigger game, so in some ways I'm happy I waited.  


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3 months ago

Dude that sounds like a few really good game nights!

3 months ago

They were and they will be...lol

3 months ago

Dang, those are some big games! We have Viticulture as well and we really enjoy it. I know that Phil and Trent are huge fans of the Tuscany expansion - think you'll get that? Though it sounds like you've got plenty of stuff to play as it is, haha.

3 months ago

We do have Tuscany and plan to play it ...someday...lol.

This is what's still on my list:  Some like Werewolf is more that we just havent had enough people to play and the rest...well...we will get there...

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak (2015)

Ultimate Werewolf (2014)

Imhotep (2016)

Gloomhaven (2017)

Mountains of Madness (2017)

Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game (2015)

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery (2012)

Gen7: A Crossroads Game (2018)

Discover: Lands Unknown (2018)

Salem 1692 (2015)

Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Board Game (2017)

The Rise of Queensdale (2018)

Sword & Sorcery (2017)

Caverna: The Cave Farmers (2013)

Fog of Love (2017)

Teotihuacan: City of Gods (2018)

The Godfather: Corleone's Empire (2017)

Unbroken (2018)

Fantasy Realms (2017)

Decrypto (2018)

Werewords Deluxe Edition (2018)

One Night Ultimate Vampire (2015)

One Night Ultimate Alien (2017)

Escape Room: The Game (Escape Rooms II) (2018)

Catan: Starfarers (2019)

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever (2019)

Betrayal at Mystery Mansion (2020)

Watergate (2019)

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (2020)

Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive (2020)

Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage (2019)

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (2012)

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet (2017)

Sonora (2020)

Adventure Games: Monochrome Inc. (2019)


Supporter3 months ago

That does make it sound like you are ready for a lockdown. 

3 months ago

For sure!

3 months ago

Right, I'm on my way to your house for a games night!

3 months ago

If only things were a little better in the world right now...someday there will be game nights again...at least with other people than my family.

3 months ago

Oh for sure, I cannot wait to have a group over!

Supporter3 months ago

and I have been considering taking out #Monopoly: Longest Game Ever for a playthrough video lol

After reading this comment I had to go back and check out the pictures of your collection again. That's an impressive list right there hahaha. I'm curious how #Sonora plays since it's supposedly the first of its kind.

3 months ago

We got monopoly longest game ever as a joke...but now my son wants to play...it could take 10 hours...not sure I'm up for it...

3 months ago

We just played it tonight 3 player...very fun more thinky than you would imagine...lots of scoring opportunities and even though you can mess with other players a bit on the flicking side you still end of with a lot of cool choices which lead to cool combos...this will def be a game that the more you play the better your scores will get as you start to learn all the best combos and easiest points...of course best laid plans and flicking...lol.

3 months ago

Heck of a list! Out of that list I would probably gravitate towards Teotihuacan first. That game has been on my radar for quite a while!

3 months ago

It actually got set up once and we didn't get to play it...but it will return.

3 months ago

Also, if you are looking for a slightly thinkier party game, Decrypto is great, everyone is involved the whole time and it produces some great laughs

3 months ago

Is there one of the four that will become a regular to the table do you think?

3 months ago

Viticulture for sure...and probably Mars....really enjoyed both....that is if I can stop buying more games in the mean time...lol

3 months ago

Haha, you do seem to have quite the collection, and if I remember right, quite a few on Kickstarter still to come, but it is hard when they all look so good!

Supporter3 months ago

All super well regarded games right there! Funny how 3 out of 4 are published by Stonemaier Games. How many players did you play #Viticulture: Essential Edition with?

3 months ago

3...Seemed to play well at that level

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