What is the best Fantasy themed Board Game?

I know it is a broad category, but what would you say is the best Fantasy themed board game in your opinion (that isn't Gloomhaven)? Any mechanics, any year published, just there can be only one, what do you choose?

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11 months ago

I think I have to state the obvious, #Spirit Island. Not just the best fantasy game, but one of the best board games ever!

2 months ago

I must say this not only avoid the dreadful cliches that get wheeled out in 'high fantasy' games, but also has an innovative twist on colonisation and I very much like original thought / concepts. 

I really like #Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, with the books starting off as a parody of the genre, but the stories became much more coherent over the years, without losing that desire to turn tropes on their head. This game is good, though mechanically alone I'd not be making any extravagent claims. The cards however can give the feel of a good game, accompanied by a greatest hits album of your favourite music. So many pleasing reminders make the experience a joy.

11 months ago

Someone did in fact have to say it and it is a fantastic choice. I have only played once, about a year ago, and I thirst to play some more ever since I got a better handle on it.

11 months ago

That's pretty broad so I will just throw a random one out there that I have been playing a lot and really dig - #In the Hall of the Mountain King - It is super unique and thematic. You are working together with other players but also against them, all while all this crazy Lord of the Rings type stuff is happening around you. And there is this cool cascading production mechanic where things you do trigger other things. It is a ton of fun!

11 months ago

Have not checked that out but it does look very cool and that is a great name!

11 months ago

This one caught my eye when it was first released. Now I'm even more intrigued! It sounds very cool.

11 months ago

I want to specifically call out #Small World because I would love to see a Game of Thrones like fantasy show about all the races vying for the kingdom.

My favorite, if I could choose only one, desert island style, would be #Root. I love the asymentrical play and feel like I could play that so many different times (assuming I have the right group of people to play with) and each game would be interesting and feel different. 

11 months ago

Haha, I would watch a Small World tv show. There are so many cool races that have not been attempted in other entertainment like that. While maybe not my favorite game, a great suggestion for great fantasy game if you look at it as who does fantasy well. Since it is completeley open for interpretation, good job.

6 months ago

Linked to an IP, but War of the Ring is the best I've played.

Moderator Level 111 months ago

I think #Near and Far is a great one, specifically because it has the fun storytelling aspect to it. 

However, #Champions of Midgard is one of my favorite games of all time. It's not necessarily fantasy in a traditional sense, but it definitely counts. 

6 days ago

Hmmm... That's a good question.

I looked through my whole collection and while I've played a lot of board games with a fantasy theme, almost none of them have ever really given me the fantasy feeling. For that, I turn to a miniatures game - #Frostgrave: Second Edition. It has a great setting and huge immersion with the ability to build your own miniatures and terrain. Your wizard levels up by learning new spells and finding strange relics, and inevitably dies at some point.

The closest board game I can think of is #Wiz-War.

New User9 days ago

For me I think that smallworld is the best there is in the fantasy theme 😊

New User12 days ago

I mostly play games on apunkagames. The games are simple to download and play while paying close attention. The Apunkagames website has a straightforward design with a white background that lists all the rules on the home page.

2 months ago

#Etherfields might make it, as it is a bold and original game, themed as a 'dream-crawler', but very much avoiding the tired procession of dungeon-crawlers, by being really inventive in the challenges presented. The 2nd wave shipment is due next week (I'm in the UK) and that should provide the impetus to get it played in a group (I don't enjoy solo play, but played enough that way to be confident of the rules / gameflow).

3 months ago

Runebound 2nd edition

Scepter of Zavandor


Comment deleted.

11 months ago

You know what I thought never got enough love, #Mice and Mystics. Out off all dungeon crawlers I have played, I just felt like it ran so smoothly and I was all in from start to finish. Others can feel generic, but this one never did for me!