What have I missed?


So I have been SLAMMED the past few weeks, I have barely been able to troll around the site...what did I miss?

do you know when the Root riverfolk expansion will hit the app?  You know things!

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Owner5 months ago

I missed pretty much every action last week because my family caught a stomach flu, and since then I've been playing catchup :(

  • Root Riverfolk expansion on the app - No idea! I do remember seeing on the Root subreddit that someone asked the same question, and Leder responded that it's underway but will take time. That still gives us nothing, but yeah I'm wanting that content too!
  • We partnered up with GAMA to create a catalog where retailers can easily find game info and connect with publishers and distributors
  • We had our first official AMA with Stephan, COO of IELLO USA

Exclusive news:

  • Haven't made the official announcement yet but we're moving forward on the idea of "rotten tomatoes" approach to the review section on our game pages. I was actually planning on messaging you about it soon
  • bought and played #The Court of Miracles and it didn't blow him away :(
  • I had some awesome tacos last night with homemade tortilla and sauces made by my friend :D
  • We'll be revamping our Home page soon so that new visitors can have a better sense of what we're about

How are you liking Root on Steam? Did you beat all of the solo challenges against the AI?

Partner5 months ago

I mostly just use the app to play coop w friends, but really have enjoyed that.  

I keep waiting to see the new rotten tomatoes thingy!  Till then I keep spamming my nonsense!

cant be perfect I guess!  The real question is did he try the AMAZING AI bot for #The Court of Miracles?  Cause 3-4 is where that game is best!

I have been on a making pizza dough kick lately, and am mostly excited about trying to make some bread in the future!