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Has anyone checked out this game yet?  It looks like it could be fun.  Good price tag for a Kickstarter.  I hope they fund, it's a slow start right now.  Thoughts?

Sniper: Legend of Italy

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Supporter16 months ago

Oh! I'm going to check it out

Owner16 months ago

First of all, I should mention that it's not a theme that I'd enjoy, but here are some of my thoughts after a quick glance at the campaign:

  • The intro video (and the rest of the campaign narrative) is slightly off-putting for me. I get Nazi fighting is a commonly used theme but I personally feel that the whole campaign is throwing around the words Nazis and Germans constantly in a.. "cheap" manner. I feel like the tone of the campaign is stuck somewhere between humorous/funny/edgy and historical where it's not achieving either in a good way. I think they would've benefited from pushing the theme toward either extremes to make it stand out more
  • The stretch goals - besides the cardstock upgrade, I would've liked to see stretch goals that focus more on enhancing the component quality, since the lower price tag seems to be coming with paper map and etc.
  • The shipping cost of $10 for U.S. - that would be $35 total and I'd personally spend that money elsewhere
  • I'd personally want to see theme and visuals that either go heavily into mimicking the experiences of a sniper in a realistic manner, OR go completely opposite direction and do something closer to the "worms" games where it's more humorous with exploding sheep and so on

Edit: Oh, and please keep in mind that I was being critical for just the sake of "analyzing" the campaign and sharing my gut feelings as a response to your post. I never back Kickstarter campaigns so there's that too :)

Supporter16 months ago

Haha, no problem I didn't take it as such.  I'm glad to hear your thoughts.  I've actually had some more time to spend thinking about it and I think Imperial Assault can scratch most of the itches that would be present in this game anyway.  In fact one could probably even create an Imperial Assault variant that includes much of what this game has to offer.

I always forgot to look at shipping when I first stumble upon a game.  I think this would be okay if it were going to be released retail and it was like $15 - $20.

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