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Second Hand "Disposable" Games

So I've been working my way through my wishlist and I've noticed I tend to be drawn towards roll-and-write games a lot recently. I have no problem with buying second hand games from fellow gamers who either didn't care for the game themselves, are doing a spring clean of games they bought and haven't touched, or are selling to supplement cash for a larger, shinier game, but there's something about roll-and-writes where I stop myself. Maybe it's to do with the finite number of plays a box like Welcome To.. has with the game sheets. I'm not entirely sure if I'm honest.
So my question is, am I the only one who feels this way? Do you mind picking up a roll-and-write second hand or are games of that ilk a shrink-wrap purchase no matter what?

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55 days ago

They're so cheap anyway it never occurred to me to get mine second hand. They're usually £10-20 so any savings would be pretty minor. And yeah, if it has a depletable resource inside then I would buy new, although I'm pretty sure you can buy a whole new restock pad cheaply for #Welcome to...

55 days ago

I didn't actually know that there was a restock pad for Welcome To.. That's mighty helpful info to know. Thank you.

55 days ago

It's 4 euros from France, not sure where you are based but if it's in Europe that's not bad.

Premium User55 days ago

What roll and writes have caught your interest?

As for your question, I try to only go after lightly played used games when buying or trading. I never really thought about that issue with roll and writes because I'd assume you can find a way to buy more sheets somewhere.

55 days ago

Right now, the main ones I want to pick up are Welcome To, Qwixx and strangely enough HABA's Color It. The last one is the game that brought the question to my mind, because it would be a purchase for my nephew for Christmas as his first game, because he's pretty young but loves dice games, like Roll For It! and also loves colouring so that's how it came to my attention. Only problem is it's incredibly difficult to get a copy of it in Ireland for whatever reason.

55 days ago

Out of those three, I'd say Welcome To is my favourite, in fact it's the most played game in my whole collection. #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition is an absolute corker though, and a close second.

54 days ago

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition is legitimately my favourite game at the minute. So much so that I decided I wanted the 2 newest editions off the kickstarter as well. So when they arrive I'll have 4 versions of essentially the same game. Only now I'll be able to add a different level of spice each time I play. 
I've played #Welcome to... a number of times but just never got around to getting my own copy. It's definitely close to the top of the most have list for me. 

Premium User54 days ago

I can only really speak to #Qwixx as it's the only one of the 3 I own. It's a good time when you need just a short filer to pass some time. I have played #Welcome to... once and it was pretty fun though. 

I just tried to look up Color It and had a hard enough time finding it anywhere myself lol

55 days ago

I've never owned a roll and write, but if I did and found one that I really liked, I'd probably try to laminate some of the sheets and just use erasable markers or similar to play instead of using up a bunch of pages. That being the case, I don't think I'd have a problem buying a secondhand copy as long as it had enough sheets left to do something like that.

55 days ago

I don't know why but the idea of laminating the pages never even crossed my mind. Complete brainfart on my end because it's such a simple and simultaneously genius idea. 

54 days ago


Supporter54 days ago

Not a huge fan of disposable games anyways. But, I probably wouldn't spend more than a few dollars on a used one. I like new games. I like punching cardboard, organizing, taking off the shrink wrap..... But, I really don't mind buying a game used game either, I have bought games used a number of times, and I haven't had any problems with them yet. In fact, I have gotten some nice freebies like counter trays in used games. But, when it comes to a "disposable game" those are usually cheap enough new that the savings for buying a used one wouldn't be worth it to me personally. YMMV.