3D Printing is so awesome!

3d ptinting takes game development to a whole new level. These are the pieces for "Chirstmas Delivery". I'm now printing the board itself so the prototype won't be just paper glued to a piece of cardboard. It will look very professional. Stay tuned... 

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3 months ago

I got an Ender 3 Pro for Christmas this year and have been printing up a storm ever since. 

My advice is to make sure you understand  how to level your print bed.  I got a couple of print files from the Filiment Friday YouTube channel that I use to test the levelness of the bed and to do a simple test print of a bunch of squares to make sure the bed is level all the way around. 

Even with the Ender 3 Pro there are a ton of printer enhancements that you can 3D print for your printer and those are some really nice one's to get started with.  Things like the side spool mount, end caps, holding tray, tool holder, hex wrench holder, clamps, etc are all worth the time it'll take to print them.

Get yourself a good slicer software app.  I'm currently using the Ultimaker Cura 4.8 app in addition to the application that came with the printer.  The Cura app has a ton of additional extensions that you can add including one that will load straight from ThingIVerse which is super handy. 

If you want to design items yourself then I'm currently using the CAD progam available through tinkerCad website which provides pretty simple and easy to use CAD program.  I used it to design my first board game component. 

Next, I would make sure you have a dedicated space for your printer so that you don't need to move it after you get it leveled and set up.  I bulit a custom wood desk in my game room/office under the egree window in the basement to put the printer. 

Finally, If you print the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg component trays you'll need to print the larger size whether or not you have the upgraded component is you have the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion.  The regulare boxes are too small to hold all of the base game and expansion components in the boxes.  The boxes are awesome, look amazing and speed up set up for the game.

Premium User3 months ago

Thanks for the response.  That is good info.  I hadn't considered having one stable spot to keep it to make sure it stays level.  I have room but I might have to move things around a bit to make sure it will go somewhere it won't be moved from.


3 months ago

I'm itching to get into 3D printing.  It seems really interesting to me and I think it would really improve some of my games.  Is it easy to jump in and get started or is it pretty fiddly?  How expensive is the filament?

3 months ago

Its pretty easy to get into if you have any sort of technical/mechanical skill at all.  Putting the printer together yourself helps you learn all the components and how it actually works.  There are plenty of how to video's out there if you get stuck.  Printing itself is pretty simple. 

Steps to print for my ender 3.  These may vary slightly if you have a different printer or one connected to your home's wifi network.

  1. Get/Create the file you want to print into a .stl format
  2. Load the stl file into your slicer program
  3. Validate printer settings (this is where you'll spend a lot of trial and error) and slice
  4. Create the .gcode file and save to micro drive
  5. Insert micro drive into printer
  6. Select file to print and Print.

You'll want to validate that the first layer or two goes down correctly and then you can just check it every 30 min or so to make sure its still printing successfully. 

I recently bought a bunch of 1KG rolls of PLA filament from Amazon for $20 a roll.  That gives me enough filament to produce almost 3 complete sets of Quacks boxes and lids (that's 8 boxes/lids each set).

After 3 weeks I've been really happy with my Ender 3 and would recommend as a nice entry printer into the market if you're interested.

3 months ago

Are you saying that 1 single roll could almost produce 3 sets of boxes for #The Quacks of Quedlinburg?  So a set of boxes would be roughly $8?

I'm asking because I'm mainly interested in printing inserts, but if they cost me $30 each then it probably won't be worth it.

3 months ago

Obviously its going to depend on the insert you want to print....I haven't printed it yet but I've looked at the Insert for Paladins which all together is looking at the following filiament costs (not counting electric)

  1. $1.80 for Main box
  2. $0.75 for Player Box X 4 = $3.00
  3. $1.04 for Worker box
  4. $0.35 for Provision box X 2 = $0.70

Total cost for the insert is $6.54 in materials which is pretty close to the price for all of the quacks boxes I printed. 

3 months ago

Thanks for that breakdown!  It sounds like it will be fairly reasonable to print inserts.  Looks like I need to start saving for a 3D printer.

3 months ago

Your welcome.  I  haven't done the math yet to see how much I need to print in order for the printer to "pay" for itself.  Depending on what deals or options you find on sites like esty you might be able to find game inserts for a cheaper total price than the cost of the printer and filaments to make your own.  Now with that being said, I'm enjoying mine.  I printed my wife a rose the other day that she really liked so that got me a couple brownie points ;)

Also, its nice to play a game and be like...you know what this game needs...individual player pieces vs different colored pawns, go find some designs on ThingIVerse, print and have ready for your next play session.  I'm looking at you #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0

Premium User3 months ago

I'm looking at getting in to iit myself this year.  Which printer did you use?  Any advice?