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Dune imperium in about 3 minutes

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Premium User53 days ago

I know this one gets compared to#Lost Ruins of Arnak quite a bit. Do you have a preference between the two?

53 days ago

Defintely Dune Imperium. Arnak is ok, Dunes pretty good. I personally think both games are not amazing, and the fact they are really really hyped right now is a little weird as they're not really anything special to me. 

Premium User53 days ago

Good to know. Neither seem special to me either, granted I haven't played either. I'll be fine just letting the hype train move on haha

51 days ago

They are defintely good games, but yeah, i'm not seeing them as anything special. You'd think they were the second coming of Agricola the way people talk about them

Premium User55 days ago

I've seen a pretty wide range of opinions on how well the theme was implemented in this game. On a scale of 1-10, I'd probably put #Dune at about a 9, and that may be the most thematic game I've played. This game I'd probably put at around a 6. The worker spaces and cards make sense thematically, as well as the whole "Intrigue" system (unbalanced as it may be). The combat is exciting and feels dangerous, with plenty of opportunities for surprise moves, which also feels thematic. At the end of the day, though, you're competing for points, which doesn't feel thematic at all.

54 days ago

100% agree. The theme makes the places on the board makes sense. But that's about it

55 days ago

Today's recap is the latest game in the Dune universe, Dune Imperium. This one combines deck building and worker placement and mechanically is quite compelling. But is it a great Dune game? Find out

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