Feedback Friday! (2020-10-23)


For those who are new, this is where you can share your feedback on all things related to Board Game Atlas. You can also find more information in this article where I walk through the various features on BGA.

A question I have for everyone is: How do you feel about the "reactions" so far? Fun? Too much? You want more? Please let me know! (I know mentioned that he wants a "facepalm" reaction so I'll be working on that one haha)

Happy Friday and I hope you get in some gaming time over the weekend :)

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35 days ago

This community is pretty small and we need places to talk. I think only having one stickied "what did you play" thread is too limiting as it's just people posting long lists of games. We need a general discussion thread as well, maybe even a couple. Every day I scan the hot posts on the forum and 95% of it isn't comment-worthy to me, but I would like to engage with people more.

Owner35 days ago

Good feedback, and I agree that there's a need for more jumping points for conversations. For now, I'll come up with weekly scheduled forum posts that are general enough but offer a good topic to talk about. And we can also open up discussion on this specific issue for the upcoming Feedback Friday post.

39 days ago

yeah the reactions are cool.
Not revolutionary but a nice detail to add flavour! :)

Supporter39 days ago

I am probably in the minority, but the reactions don't do that much for me. I don't mind them, I even sort of like them. But, I really don't mind having less rather than more. Anyways, for me, you don't need to spend too much time making new ones. However, that is personal taste, and I certainly don't mind if others want more and you make more. 

Anyways, great work guys. I've been loving the forum ss always. 

Supporter39 days ago

Reactions are great.  Can't wait to see more. 👍🏼

Supporter39 days ago

What happened to the Weekly Challenge? I miss seeing all the posts. 

Premium User39 days ago

Come to think of it, did we ever get the trick shot video?

Owner37 days ago

Those videos will be added onto a video we're making for iello games! Not sure if we'll be able to fit all of them, but we'll at least have a standalone compilation video if needed haha. Hopefully we'll have it in a week or two

Premium User37 days ago

Gotcha! Was looking forward to see what was going to do with that roller coaster looking thing. Just worried I had missed it :)

Supporter39 days ago

Owner37 days ago

A while back, I made several update posts saying that I'll stop the weeklly challenges because it was getting to a point that we had a flood of posts where a significant number of them were getting little to no engagement. This also buried many of other content creator's posts that were worthwhile to check out, but just didn't get a chance. Another issue raised by some of the users was that some of the challenges that were centered around more meta topics led to posts that were very similar from each other, where it would be fun to talk about for a few days, but a week of discussion around it was too much.

One option is to have weekly challenges that don't have a giveaway associated with it. It would mainly serve to help people think of what kind of post to make.

Premium User39 days ago

Loving the new reactions, can't wait to get more! (Where's those and reactions? :P)


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