Games that I can always get to the table.

I have a lot of amazing games that are epic and huge and worth every minute of play. Often, though, these games don't get to the table so readily due to their weight, setup time, long play time or something else. I wouldn't sell them because I love them, but there are several games that I can get to the table all the time. This is my list:

#Terraforming Mars: Easy setup, good depth, and the rules are so easy I never have to spend time checking the rule book. Plus the space theme.

#Escape: The Curse of the Temple: Super fast play time, but intense and thematic. Also very easy to teach so it's great for family occasions. Tons of fun. #5-Minute Dungeon is grouped into this one as well.

#Twilight Struggle: I think I'm just a masochist because this game causes so much stress while I'm playing,  but for some reason this always gets to the table. Probably because it's challenging but the rules are simple.

#Ethnos: Quick-ish play time with good depth and I always have fun. The random selection of factions leads to enough variability that I don't get bored with this one.

#Mint Works: This one is just a great game for backpacking, so it gets played A LOT. Enough strategy to be engaged and quick enough that I'm not too tired to play it (usually).


#X-ODUS: Rise of the Corruption: This is simply my favorite game (hence part of my username). It feels epic, and probably would be one of those games that doesn't get played much, but I LOVE this game, so it gets to the table often. Usually after one play, I want to turn around and play it again immediately.


Would love to hear yours!

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Owner9 months ago

First time hearing of X-ODUS! I guess I completely missed the news about its Kickstarter last year. Will have to check out some videos tonight :)

My no pressure games to play with my wife are #Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia. I'm hoping that #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar and #Keyflower could fit that category too when I get them some time next year.

9 months ago

#Clans of Caledonia is one I don't own yet somehow but would love to play. Tzolk'in just arrived last week and I can't wait to play it:)

Also, hi Phil, this is Alee with the clay stuff:)

Owner9 months ago

Hey! When I first saw your username I knew it had to be you xD

And.... WAIT. Does that mean you'll likely paint the Tzolk'in gears?

9 months ago

Haha, yes I'm sure it'll happen. They're just asking for it!

9 months ago

X-ODUS is from a new designer and publisher, so I'm not surprised it went under the radar. It was one of the best Kickstarter experiences I've had. Their communication was incredible, they delivered a month early, and the designers keep up with the BGG forums to answer questions rapidly. You'd think I was on their payroll for how much praise I'd sing for them (Bored Game Ink).

The gameplay is cooperative and challenging with beautiful artwork. When you first play it you wonder how you'll ever win a game on easy mode, then you finally start to learn the strategies and can work your way through 4 difficulty levels. It's a mix of exploration and combat and it's just really well executed.

Supporter9 months ago

That does sound positive all right. 

Premium User9 months ago

Wow, nice varied list! Here'smine:

  • #Everdell - I think this is my favorite game to play with my wife. We've played a bunch of times, so no one has to learn the rules or anything, it's charming and non-confrontational, and just overall a comfort game for us.
  • #Kingdomino - so easy to teach, and anyone can play. Usually end up playing twice.
  • #Santorini - again, ridiculously easy to teach. Top 5 game for me. My wife isn't as big a fan, so it hasn't gotten as many plays since quarantine. :(
  • #Wingspan - I like this game, but it seems like all my friends love it. For that reason, it's super easy to get to the table. When I play with just my wife, it plays very quickly, which is cool.

9 months ago

#Tiny Epic Galaxies is quick to set up and it's a game I don't need a refresher for, so it's easy to get to the table. 

A new go-to for me is #Pandemic: Rapid Response. Quick and easy to set up and fast to play. I've been enjoying it solo as well, controlling two characters.


Premium User9 months ago

#Orléans for me. Such a pain to set up at times especially the map section of the board, but I never have any trouble getting someone to play.

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