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Boardgame shelf of shame: Super-Skill Pinball 4-cade


Super-Skill Pinball 4-cade, hereafter refered to as SSP, is a roll and right designed by Geoff Englestien, and will be released in September by WizKids. However, before release, Wizkids put up the first "table" as a free print and play. I downloaded it when it became available, maybe a month or two ago, and forgot all about it. I download it because I have nothing but respect for Geoff. I forgot about it, because I have almost no use for roll and rights. So, did SSP prove to be a roll and right I enjoy? Did the roll and right genre show its ability to capture the fun frantic nature of a pinball table? Let's see if I can answer these question.

And, yes I checked, the first table is still available as a print and play. You can find it at

TLDR review. It's pretty good, you should probably try it.

Brian's battery review.

Art (+) I like it, it's got a carnival/arcade sort of vibe going on that I think fits in with the theme.

Overall presentation (+) You can see the board pretty clearly, and you can see the information you need to pretty clearly, while still maintaining some level of art.

Rules (+-) they got the job done. And, I don't really know what I can pick on. But, for me they seemed to be written in a way that made it needlessly complicated. Probably part of that was the variety of score multiplayers they needed to include, but we will talk a bit about those later.

Theming (++) The theming to this game is super super great. You all probably remember the feeling that pinball engendered, watching the ball bounce back and forth, trying to aim the ball to a certain zone, but not make it, watching  the crazy score multiplyers they use, watching the wonderful "multiball" make an appearance. This fairly simple game, this roll and right manages to capture that in a pretty amazing way. I would say that it is one of the more thematic games that I have played. There is however, as in real pinball, a lot of crazy score multiplyers, and that does put a bit of a extra burden on you. You, are in charge of remembering what how much points hitting this bumper gets you right now, and that number will change. Also, I have only played this once, solo, and only on the introductory table. And, if we are being honest, pinball is a primarily solitary pursuit. I imagine that this is best solo as well. If you play multiplayer you will have that weird thing where some people ard done before others, and have to wait for the next round.

So, if you like pinball, I highly recomend this game. If you like roll and writes, I highly recomend this game.

For me, I will probably play this table again. I don't know if I will buy the published game from Wizkids or not, if I do that would be the first print and play I seek out to buy. I don't, as a general rule appreciatet the roll and write genre. And, I only enjoy, not love pinball. But, this game captured enough of the magic of pinball, that I find mysel wanting to play again. I want to see if I can do better. I want to try some of the other tables. Buy, judging from my experience with real pinball, I could see myself becoming bored after 1-3 plays and moving to the next game in the arcade instead.

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Supporter5 months ago

Wow, cool concept. Not sure if I'd ever buy it but it's definitely unique!

5 months ago

Nice, I'm glad you had a good time with it and found out it maybe wasn't a purchase for you before investing in the actual game!

I think my only knowledge of pinball is the old windows game that came on every computer 😅

Supporter5 months ago

Oh man, I had forgotten about that, I played the snot out of that growing up.

Supporter5 months ago

Space Cadet! I played it a ton as well. 

5 months ago

Any time the internet wasn't available (possibly cause someone needed to use the phone), it was the go to game!

Supporter5 months ago

ah yes, phone troubles.... how well I remember them.

5 months ago

Was alway the whole 'get off the computer I have to make a phone call!'

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