I've only played Railroad Ink Solo, What are other Solo Games?


Typically if I'm in the mood to play something solo I'll pull out my switch and play a game, but lately I've been looking at my board game shelf and seeing games I still haven't played and wonder if it's worth learning the solo experiences. I've got Teotihuacan and Scythe unplayed still and have debated playing solo. Do you think it'd be worth it?

Are there other games that'd be worth it?

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Supporter18 months ago

Definitely Onirim gets my vote

Supporter18 months ago

I like Friday solo, and Onirim. But I only play those with the phone app. These are very simple and quick games.

Supporter18 months ago

But I guess Robinson Crusoe is the Holy Grail of solo games :D

18 months ago

Set a Watch and Maximum Apocalypse are both interesting puzzle games that play well solo. 

Arkham Horror LCG can play well solo, though some quests are better multiplayer, due to mechanics. 

Set a Watch

Maximum Apocalypse

And Hostage Negotiator was great for playing at a desk on a quiet shift. 

18 months ago

I've heard Scythe is really good solo. I do my fair share of solo gaming, and some games definitely pull it off better than others. Terraforming Mars and Clank! both do a great job solo, and are also wonderful multiplayer games. As mentioned, most (if not all) cooperative games can be played solo, and usually aren't that bad. In fact Tiny Epic Defenders (2e with expansion) is absolutely wonderful solo.

Supporter18 months ago

And, of course, most coop games can be played solo, though you might need to play two handed depending on the game. 

Supporter18 months ago

Scythe is definitely worth it. I prefer multiplayer, but solo is really fun. I haven't played Teotuhuacan, but I've heard good things about the solo experience. 

Owner18 months ago

Well Wingspan and Viticulture have solo available but not sure how much you'd enjoy it haha

Premium User18 months ago

If you enjoy Wingspan, the solo game is fun.

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