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WISHLIST: I wish I could get my friends together more often to play:...

Hi guys, 

I'm rather new to BGA but I'm loving it already.
Please inform me if I'm doing this wishlist challenge thing wrong

My wishlist is about the games I wished I could play more because it's hard to fix (large)  timeslots for everybody. 

This is expecially a challenge in campaign based games that require (nearly) the same members in a party OR  the long epics like TI4 or Axis & Allies etc...
Being parents with kids and busy lives, it isn't always easy. 
Some of these games I didn't even buy because of this unrealistic challenge.



1. #Gloomhaven
Obvious entry?
2 Friends bought this behemoth and htey know i'm eager to join in. I'm even playing the early access pc game (Steam). 

2. #Star Wars: Rebellion
One of my all time favourite boardgames as every game is a new 'alternative timeline' of the movies.
It takes some time to set up but especially to fully brief the rules. It's essential that you both know the rules well or the experience will break down somewhere near end game as somebody misinterpreted the rules.

3. #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition
Never even bought this, knowing that it would be impossible to get to the table.The game intrigues me though...

4. #Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
Bought this to do a step up from mu 1984 MB classic version. It looks better in every way and even though we managed to play it with the same people 3x or 4x a year with the same gang back in 1998-ish, this became impossible.

5. #Star Wars Imperial Assault
We are running a campaign and had 3 or 4 sessions over the course of 2 years.
Great humouristic party who plays it seriously but fires pun at 100km/h :)
I just need -more- of this as my mate basically collected and painted neatly ALL expansions, heroes etc...

6.Any RPG game
We started a few but they all die too soon as we lose interest/immersion

My question to you:
What games do you want to play more but just don't make it to the table because it's hard to plan?

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4 months ago

I would really love to play #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, #Crusader Kings: The Boardgame, or #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition more, but unfortunately with covid I've been restricted from boardgaming for a while :( - a downside of having a 'hands-on' hobby.

You're right to be intriguied by TI4 though, it's great, hope you can get to play it sometime!

4 months ago

Some fine titles in that list! Dabbling in game design compenastes for the Covid-isolation for me :)

4 months ago

Not a bad idea, I've just been video gaming to try and quell the boardgame itch :D

Owner4 months ago

Glad to have you here!! The article shared is a good starting point but I am pretty behind on the updates :) (since I published the article, there have been tons of changes in visuals and features so feel free to DM me any time with questions or comments)

My wife is my main gaming partner and it's been harder and harder to get in games with her. And I'm sure it'll only get tougher once we end up having our second (we have a 2 year old son!)

I've been wanting to get in a second game of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated with her but it's so hard. This is one reason why I don't see myself getting another legacy game in the near future. Not being able to play a game I like is one thing, but it's even more disappointing to have a legacy game brimming with potential and adventure that's getting nowhere :(

When 1-2 hr time slot does open up, we usually end up going for something with less commitment. Our go-to has been #Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia.

4 months ago

Good point on the legacy part.
Been checking #Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia
as well, Need to re-check those, thanks.

Supporter4 months ago

Welcome to the community.

If you haven't read this article yet, I would recomend it. It really dose a helpful job explaining some of the tools and features of the forum.

For me, I will say that the game that I do play, and but rarely rarely have enough players and/or time, is #Fief: France 1429. I love this game. I wish I could play it more. But you need the full player count and 4-6 hours. It is hard for me to put those two together. 

4 months ago

Ah yes I saw a #Fief: France 1429 review on SU&SD I think. I was intrigued by the gameplay, haven't seen much like it ever since. 4-6 hours is hard to allocate, even for a 2 player game with  lot of rules like #Star Wars: Rebellion ^^

Supporter4 months ago

Yep, they did a review on it.... I really like it. 

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