How do you game?


What kind of gamer are you? Solo gamer? Small group? Large group? 

What does your game group look like? How did you meet them? How regularly do you meet?

What types of games hit the table most often for your group?

Personally I Game most with my children. Daughter, soon to be 8, and daughter, soon to be 6, are the ones I can most easily convince to play with me. Of course that means we can’t play for very long or very complicated games.  But we are playing Imperial Assault! Ha.

My real game group is with a really good friend from church and his brother. We don’t meet near as often as we would like - mostly every couple of weeks - but when we do it’s very fun. 

I wish we could meet more regularly but our spouses are busy and we have young children. Some day!


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12 months ago

I can convince my wife to play games here and there, mostly lighter fair (Azul, Quacks, 7 Wonders Duel etc.). It has gotten to the point where SHE has asked me to play games, amazing!

In terms of groups, my church actually puts on a game night every second Friday of the month, which is great! We have a wide range of gamers that come. Some want to play Splendor, some play thematic games like Fury of Dracula or Mansions of Madness, I typically stick with the group that plays Euros or heavier strategy stuff. From there I have two other guys that have become my normal game group and play Gaia Project, Terraforming Mars, Agricola, typically longer heavier games. I have a pretty decent group going now! Church has really helped get a community together for sure. 

Supporter12 months ago

Your wife and church sound amazing! I’m hopeful that once my wife is less stressed out with 3 kids that she’ll be more likely to play games with me. Enjoy the fact that yours asks you to play!

12 months ago

Not going to lie, I am thankful for the community I have and my wife being interested in some different games (or just tolerating my obsession). I do want to try and find another group outside of that too because you can never have too many game nights...

Supporter12 months ago

Too many game nights would be an interesting problem to have. We might get a game night on Thursday this week. Really looking forward to it. 

12 months ago

I do a lot of solo gaming, simply because it's difficult to find time for both me and my wife to sit down and play together. My game group consists of about six people, with four being consistent. When we moved here last year, someone was sporting a King of Tokyo sticker on his iPad case at church, so I asked him about it. We moved in the same week one of their game group members was moving out of state, so I took his place. As it turns out, all but one of those in my game group go to the same church as I do, so I'll count that as a huge blessing that I was able to find a group so quickly after moving here. We meet every week (Wednesday or Thursday, schedules depending), and play a few shorter games or one longer, heavier game each game night.

12 months ago

I have three gaming groups:

  • My wife and I (primary)
  • Three to four friends
  • One or two friends and their wives

Since my wife and I play the most together, a game has to have a good two player mode. I own larger games, but they don't get played nearly as much.

Supporter12 months ago

You mentioned elsewhere that you are from MN - whereabouts in MN? I’m in Rochester, MN. 

Glad to see that your wife plays games with you. What are her favorites?

12 months ago

Raiders and Wingspan. Easily.

She does enjoy Scythe and we're hoping to play through Fenris this fall\winter.

Rochester is a great place. I love the Penne Alla Arribiata at Victoria's.

Supporter12 months ago

I'm generally a multiplayer gamer.  I'll dabble in solo now and then when the mood strikes me but I find it doesn't grab me that much.  

Some of my group I met through work, some I met at SHUX, and some I met based on BGG posts.   We meet usually once, sometimes twice a week.

Generally we tend to play euros but we're really up for anything.  We also do some D&D and other RPG's as well.  

12 months ago

What are some of your solo games that you play?

Supporter12 months ago

Ones I’ve enjoyed are Terraforming Mars, Spirit Island, and Mansions of Madness.  

There are a ton of options out there if you are in to it. I will get in the mood for a bit now and then but usually not. 

Supporter12 months ago

How is SHUX? I really wish that I had the time to go to conventions like that. They sound so amazing. 

Supporter12 months ago

I really enjoy SHUX!  The size isn't massive, they have interesting shows (Loading Ready Run last year which was awesome for me as I'm a huge fan), you are able to give vendor games a good try, there is a massive game library and a ton of table space to play games at.

It's really a bit of something for everyone.  You can just game all weekend with a huge library and a ton of other people to play with, you can watch the shows if you are interested in them, or do a bit of both.  

I find the atmosphere is very friendly, open, relaxed, and accepting of everyone.    It's a good time! :)