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This game is so expensive, but it looks so fun!


I just watched a short video of the game being played and it looks so simple and amazing fun. I wish it was within the $60 range I'm used to spending for games.

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10 months ago

so many fun games are just outside of reach....

10 months ago

Reminds me of the slot car set I had when I was a kid! So fun! I'd play that, but yeah, that is pricey!

Premium User10 months ago

It is sooo much fun though. And you will be impressed with the quality (if you haven't seen it already). When we play with the little ones we let them have a few more flicks then we do.

Supporter10 months ago

Have you seen videos of what Tom vassel does with his? His tracks are amazing. 

10 months ago

I love Pitch Car. But, yes, it is crazy expensive haha I played it at a board game cafe, which is about the only place I'll ever get to play it, methinks.

Owner10 months ago

I feel like this would need a catch up mechanic for people who aren't good at flicking haha. I'm also interested in #Flip Ships and #Flick Em Up! for similar type of fun.

10 months ago

I agree with the catch-up idea. When we played, we had a couple players struggle super hard and it just wasn't fun for them. 

Partner10 months ago

I got Sorry Sliders Cars at the thrift store to be poor man's PitchCar.

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