Allow friends among users to create a "faction"/gaming group

BGA Feature Request

What do you think of this idea?

Allow a group of friends among users to create a faction/gaming group:

  • Select a group avatar (maybe create a custom one?)
  • Members can recommend games for the group to play
  • Schedule a game night by assigning games to a calendar
  • Log game stats from game night
  • Post images/videos of their game night
  • Other users can follow the group so that they build an audience
  • Publishers can send games to the group for playtesting, gameplay video/article, reviews, etc.

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Owner24 months ago

It'd probably make setting up regular game nights easier. Would you think this is more for making regional meetups like 30 person groups? or friends like a 6 person group?

Owner24 months ago

Hmm... I was only thinking about the typical gaming group among friends but planning for regional events sounds awesome too, especially if the site starts integrating local events happening at brick and mortar stores, conventions, etc. I was also thinking it would be cool to utilize the more social media friendly aspect of BGA and allow hopeful content creators to build an audience by being able to share the games they play, their gameplay in video/images, and being able to partner with publishers down the road as playtesters, reviewers, etc.

Premium User24 months ago

I think it is a good idea. It fits a bit into the 'Meetup' niche. Thought, the ability to add pictures and post game stats would be cool. I'm not positive I would personally use it, though I do have the group to use it for.

Owner24 months ago

What do you think would be some cool features for BGA to have that would be helpful for your group? Anything game changing? :D

Premium User24 months ago

I don't know. I am amazed at how many people don't seem to use on-line resources. Right now what we are doing (this is for our University club) is:

  • Slack for most organizational business
  • Email as second layer for organizational business
  • Email for out reach to 3 different constituent groups
  • Facebook to post events
  • Meetup to post events
  • Flyering on campus to post events.

In our game group (various that I attend) I'd say that about 10% or less track plays. <10% post anything game related anywhere.  I think a lot of the people that are in the groups I go to just want to game and everything else is extra 'work' or 'time' that they just don't have time for.

I don't think that is very helpful...

Owner24 months ago

Thanks for breaking that down for me! It's helpful to see if there's even a demand for what I'm thinking about. Just trying to see where BGA could come into play :P

18 months ago

I'm in favor of this idea. Especially with how meetup has made themselves less useful recently and Facebook continues to be creepy.