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A minute to learn - A liftetime to master...

Please suggest games that you enjoy, that have taken you: A minute to learn - A liftetime to master...


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4 days ago

I don't know how long it takes to master it, but #Santorini certainly has the feel of a game that can fit into this category. It does only take a minute to learn. It seems like many abstract strategy games can fit into this. #Tak could be another one, though I haven't played it.

Supporter2 days ago

Many old/traditional abstracts very much fit this... But, for modern games, I don't have quite as many. I would say that #Dominion can be that way. You could also check out #Shobu. I have played it only once.... but, it seems like it would fit this criteria.

3 days ago

3 days ago

#Onitama is a very neat little game, the rules are very simple but the ever changing options and the fact that you give the options to your opponent forces you to think in a very different way to a lot of abstract games. I am very bad at it but it is wonderfully clever.

3 days ago

#Mottainai is mind blowing deep

#Go is just centries of history

#Chess obviously 

#Hive Pocket is a recent acquisition and I did not expect the depth it has. highly recommend

3 days ago

Hive is a good one! That and Chess probably take a few minutes more than 1 to teach, but still, pretty simple rulesets, with Hive being simpler.

3 days ago

  1. #6 Nimmt!
  2. #12 Days
  3. #Skull
  4. #Diamonds
  5. #Downforce
  6. #Point Salad
  7. #Codenames
  8. #Stratego

Just a quick list of games that came to mind.

3 days ago

I would definitely not consider Point Salad for the "lifetime to master" category