Announcing the Public Release of the BGA API (12 new services and OAuth 2.0!)

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Supporter21 months ago

I've had a beta API available for about 3 months to access board game data and after a ton of feedback and new features today is the Release version!

Some services include

  • Game search (Over 20,000 games in the database)

  • Game Info lookup (Prices, related videos, user reviews, images, and a few others)

  • User based info like game lists, reviews, and play logs

  • Forum post search

  • With OAuth 2.0 you can also write data like Play logs, Reviews, make forum posts, and comments

If you want to make something yourself it's open for both commercial and non-commerical use and I'm taking requests for more features and of course bug fixes.

My big vision for the project was enabling other developers to make great things without going through the huge amount of work I had to do to both get the data and form it into a usable state. Let's make board gaming even better together!

21 months ago

Awesome! All of the OAuth 2.0  related features were things I planned on requesting, so that's great haha. Thanks for all of the hard work on this!