3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – April 2020

Welcome to our delicious, weekly portion of news about upcoming Kickstarter board game projects. This time we’ll focus entirely on campaigns launching in April.

Ambush: Epic – April 15th

Dungeon crawlers are one of the most beloved board / video games ever. The genre, thanks to some amazing titles from Clank to Descent or video games like the Diablo series, is filled with amazing titles, but it’s hard to create something new here. Ambush: Epic, a tabletop game that’s launching on Kickstarter on April 14th is attempting to do something fresh with the theme and according to what we’ve seen so far – might become something really special.

Ambush: Epic is a semi-cooperative dungeon crawler that focuses on dice related mechanics. There’s a whopping 80 of these, and a bunch of cards to represent your gear, challenges that you need to overcome and the so-called “luck cards”. During the game you try to progress through a dungeon with your party, draw cards showing what’s currently happening, and try to use them or counter them.

The most interesting and fun part is the way Ambush: Epic lets you backstab others. Even though the goal of the game is to reach the end together, it’s also possible to fulfill the alternative winning condition, kill enough other players/monsters and become the sole winner. Certain cards...


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