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Happy Monday!

After thinking about it throughout the past weeks, I've decided to put a temporary halt to the weekly challenges (at least for forum based ones). While I've enjoyed them and some of you have as well, I had one main reason:

It sits at an awkward spot where allowing too many entries ends up flooding the forum with posts that don't get as much traction (while also burying contributions by other content creators), and limiting the number of posts ends up getting too little traction and it loses its purpose. For the first, it's great to see participation, but I also don't want users to feel discouraged having zero comments on posts that they put a lot of effort into making. For the second, I personally liked that more but I still wonder if there could be a better method, especially when we already have the site-wide contribution based giveaways.

So for now, I'm thinking of two things:

1. Stop the usual forum based weekly challenges, but come up with challenges that will be non-forum based that we can do once in a while.

2. Think of ways to better highlight our usual site-wide contribution based giveaways and work on ways to further encourage users for participating.


Those are my thoughts so far. If the weekly challenges have been something that you really look forward to, then I apologize for stopping it with such a short notice. Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments and if you have any ideas for future non-forum based challenges, please suggest them below!

Couple of challenges I'm thinking of are:

1. Trick Shots - Users submitting a trick shot using board game components

2. Photography related

3. Challenges related to using more of the website's other features such as play logging, leaving reviews/ratings on game pages, etc.

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9 months ago

Good thinking, it felt a little forced here and there.

Content is king,
Variation is queen!

Supporter9 months ago

I like this.  I do think that there is room for a one entry a week for the weekly challenge (or maybe 2).  That would give the opportunity for some discussion on the topic without flooding the forum with posts.  I think this will help people be more focused on what they are posting instead of trying to string it out.

Another possibilty is one thread with a weekly challenge (if you wanted to keep the giveaway) and you just get entries for comments in that thread (similiar to the normal giveaway).  This might help keep it organized and thoughtful.

9 months ago

I think I might have written it somewhere before, but I really enjoyed the weekly challenges. Things that jump into my head are:

a) Run them in a non-competition based way? Just have a weekly topic so people wouldn't feel obliged to write so many?

b) I don't know if it is feasible but I wonder if you could set it up so that entires aren't just for writing an article but also commenting on an article from that week's challenge? So people would still write articles but then people would be incentivised to comment/not write tonnes of articles?


I am also in favour of non-forum challenges but I would love to see it be a more varied challenge: I.e. rather than having a week of 'write a review' and then a week of 'logging plays' as I think this would encourage people to use the website in a strange way. Instead I would have it so that each week/day (whatever you think is best) you can get one entry for each type of action. So one entry for a review, one entry for a play logged, one entry for adding game info etc. I think this would encourage people to just start using all the bits of the website more generally rather than focusing on one aspect for a week and then moving on the the next (and so forgetting/neglecting the first). This could run on alternate weeks to forum challenges.


Anyway, super appreciate the giveaways you already do, and just generally love being on the site! Would be delighted with challenges that have no prize, just as a spark of inspiration for that week.


Premium User9 months ago

Having challenges separate from the contests could be fun, and just a nice way for people to interact, rather than a way to try to win a game. If that were the format, I could definitely see a case for simply having it be comments on a post instead of individual posts.

Premium User9 months ago

I do agree when I put in a lot of effort into some of my posts for the challenge and only received a few comments it was discouraging. That being said it was a lot better when it was limited to a post a day. I'd be cool with a post a week or a special place in the forum like suggested if it isn't too much work.

At any rate keep them coming in whatever way you see fit!

9 months ago

I am sorry it felt discouraging buddy, I have appreciated your contributions!

(My articles often go uncommented too, so don't worry about it!)

Premium User9 months ago

Thanks! I try to comment on your posts whenever I see them too! Much appreciated

Premium User9 months ago

I support this. If you wanted to open up forum based challenges later, maybe you could limit it to one post total for the week or something.

Alternatively, if you wanted to keep the forum based challenges, you could have a special spot in the forums for those, and filter it out of the main forum view by default. Not sure you'd want to do that, but it could be an option. I guess that's similar to having a single forum post and people just enter by commenting on the post...idk.

I would love to see people start rating more, so I'd like that challenge, haha.

Supporter9 months ago

Sounds good. And, of course, that frees up your time a bit which is a good thing. 

9 months ago

You KNOW I am all about that trickshot video lol. I still have a couple on my mind I wanna try!

Premium User9 months ago

Haha nice. You don't have to give spoilers, but what games might they involve?

9 months ago

I have one for Carcassone and one with Too Many Bones!

Premium User9 months ago


Owner9 months ago

I approve, as long as it doesn't involve chucking TMB dice out of a three story building lol

9 months ago

I would never!!!! It does have something to do with a liquid lol, gotta take advatage of it being water proof!

9 months ago

Haha, yes! Board game water-sports

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