Game of the Week (Scythe)

Let's talk about #Scythe! Do you like it, own it, play it all the time, dislike, best strategies, or anything related to it?

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Supporter2 days ago

This is a fun bot forum post.

Do I like it? I love it, it's one of my top 5 (although it may drop out of that soon).

Do I own it?  You betcha... it was the third game I picked up when I first started playing board games.

Do I play it all the time? Alas, I do not.  It's been far too long since it's gotten to the table.  Especially since I have the #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris and would love to get it going.  But there have been some other games that have really been hitting the table a lot with my group and this isn't one of them (for now).

What do I dislike about it? Well, I do wish there was more combat.  This is probably why I only really love it at 5+ players.  Limited space means more combat.  I also have used (and enjoyed) and fan made combat variant to incentivize combat.  I do enjoy the cold war aspect, but not if it ends up with no combat ever.  I also think the more experienced the players the less likely it is that combat will occur.

Best strategies? Play your combonation well.  If you have a board that gives you a lot for upgrading then get that engine going.  Don't over extend yourself forcing your way to the factory unless you really think the extra card will help you or you can resonably hold that space at the end of the game.

Anything else? Such a beautiful game and one that may be on the shelf for a while but I know when it gets out again it'll be a breath of fresh air.  I don't think I'd ever get rid of it.

Moderator Level 12 days ago

Yes, I like it a lot.  I bought it earlier this year, but have only played it once with two other players.  I've got about five solo games under my belt.  I'd like to play it a lot more, both solo and with multiple player counts.  Yes, there is a lot to set up, but there is nothing I dislike about the game.  I like how the attacking action is not a huge part of the game-you can only earn two of the six needed stars to end the game by attacking other players.  I also like how you can also benefit from other players actions.  I've bought the #Scythe: Invaders from Afar expansion and am eyeing #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris, but right now I'm just enjoying the base game.  I have not played it enough to have any strategies, but have learned from posts here on BGA to take better advantage of the trade action earlier in the game to help one move beyond their home area.

Premium User3 days ago

Ooooh yeah!

One of my favourites.  I did an in depth review of it with all the goodies here R0land’s Rambling Review: Scythe | Board Game Atlas.

  • Do I like it?  I love it!  Top 5 game.
  • Do I own it?  Yes, along with most of the bling and goodies.
  • Do I play it all the time?  Relative to other games I have played Scythe quite a bit but I wouldn't say I play it all the time.  (My group plays a LOT of different games as we have 3 game buyers in the group.)
  • What do I dislike about it?  I think people see the mechs and come in to the game expecting a war game.  This is, in fact, a cold war game and I am always reminding myself to make sure people know that before they go in.  But that's the only thing to dislike about it.
  • Best strategies? I would not consider myself an expert enough to give a lot of strategic advice.  A piece of advice for new players is that the game can end surprisingly fast.  Once someone has 4 stars it could end on their next turn and it's even possible for it to happen on 3 stars.  That said, getting stars is not necessarily the only way to win.  Look at all of your options to see what you can do.
  • Anything else?  The game plays great at all player counts and if you have experienced players the added play time per player is really quite exceptional.  

3 days ago

This is one of those examples where I like the app better than the real life experience. There is just too much to setup and manage.

Supporter2 days ago

I can see that, but I think once you get the handle on it it's not really that bad honestly.

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