How to Pick a Board Game to Play

Having trouble deciding which Board Game to play on game night? Here's multiple methods to help you and your group decide! These tabletop decision strategies......

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10 months ago

Out approach is to have a game picked by the host set up when everyone arrives at 830am. Usually a longer game. We play. When finished another longer game is chosen by one of the guests. We play. Then if time permits another medium game chosen by the second guest. Then lighter fare until time called 630pm. Full day of fun!  We always try to play a new game each time to mix it up

10 months ago

8:30 AM!!!?? Wow that's pretty darn early, what a crazy day of gaming for ya guys! Super curious to go to an event like that one day

10 months ago

I have a small gaming group of my buddies and we only get together once every other month or so. We really like to game hard all day!  So Much fun. 

if you find your self in Beaumont Texas give me a hollar and you can join in!  Always room at the table. 

10 months ago

noted! Lots of people in texas gaming it seems! Game on!

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Wow, that sounds awesome!

10 months ago

My outwardly apathetic gaming group has this latent resentment once a game is actually chosen, so these are the methods we use to varying degrees of effectiveness.

1. Similar to , the host picks a game at the beginning before setting up the game night. Works great most of the time.

2. Eliminate one game out of the possible candidates one by one. Usually, our group can at least whittle it down to a couple of finalists, making the process of picking just one or two games more palatable.

3. Use the Borda count method. Everyone gets a paper with a number going from 1 to the number of candidates available. Rank your preferences in ascending order, with one being your least preferred game to the highest number being your most preferred (hang tight, it will make sense in a minute) by placing the papers on the game upside down. Then simply flip over the papers and count up the numbers. The game with the highest total is the winner.

4. Use the ranked-choice method. Everyone ranks their preferences on their own sheet. After everyone is done writing down their ranking, call out your top preference. If one game gets the majority of votes, problem solved. But let's be honest, if you've resorted to using this method, you know that's not going to happen. Any game not voted for or that received the least number of votes is eliminated. If a player's top choice was eliminated, cross it out. Their new vote is for their second choice. Continue comparing and eliminating the games that get the least votes until one game has the majority.

I would only use the last two methods if your group is okay with playing a short metagame or if they are actually incapable of expressing opinions. In my experience, Keep It Simple Stupid works the best.

10 months ago

Thanks for sharing! I've also seen the RNG method of eliminating candidates through making them go through a tournament bracket. But your #4 of kind of like a blind bid is actually genius, will want to use it one day! Cheers!

10 months ago

Hope it works out for you! Love the video

10 months ago

thanks mate!

10 months ago

As we have a large group (typically ~ 40, but just over half of that whilst Covid still causes issues), our approach is somewhat manic, yet seems to work.

1. Everyone that has brought games, (in turn) shouts out what they have brought

2. Everyone then heads towards the owner of a game or games they want to play from those called out

3. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, players settle into groups to play those games (with one of the old lags sweeping up to make sure everyone gets into a group)

At first it felt rather chaotic, but it works (surprisingly) well and presents a very equitable opportunity, compared to games getting pre-arranged which can feel a little exclusive / cliquey

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Wow, 40 people! Do you all gather in someone's home or do you rent space or something?

10 months ago

Hi The DL

We meet in one of 2 city centre pubs, in their upstairs function rooms. The aim of the club is to be open to anyone and without an entrance / membership fee and in a public venue, such that if anyone was nervous about attending, they could safely stick their head round the door and see if it appealed, saying hi if it did, or safely backing away if they didn't feel up for it. 

We had a good few 1st timers this week, and meeting up before the 7:30pm roll call (2. above) seems to work well, to say hello, answer any questions and just put them at ease (I and 2-3 other regulars try to get there for 7pm).

As it's a pub, we bring cloth coverings (a little bit more give than felt, but still with quite lot of give). The pub don't charge us, but with maybe a quarter of people buying food, plus just about everyone having 1-3 drinks, it works out ok for them as a way of boosting a quiet night (Mondays and Tuesdays)

There is a lovely little bit of trivia about the two pubs we use:

- The St Andrews Brew House is opposite the arthouse cinema 'Cinema City', which itself was the place that the card game Cribbage was desiged/invented.

- Occasionally when we're at the Louis Marchesi, we don't use the upstairs, but instead use their cellar (more commonly a wonderfully atmospheric music venue). That part is I believe the oldest part of the pub, dating back to the 15th Century. The pub sits across the road, and has a secret passageway under the road into Norwich Cathedral (construction started in 1096 and initial construction completed in 1145). Gratuitous Pub, Pub cellar and cathedral photos below:

Louis Marchesi, Norwich •
Hot Raisin - Embrace Me, at Lights Out, Louis Marchesi Crypt, Norwich -  YouTube
A Holy Week we will never forget

Sorry for the rambling!



10 months ago

holy cow! Thanks for sharing- yeah 40 people is insane!! Now I'm curious about what games are played besides munchkin :)

10 months ago

Anything and everything I would say. From memory this week (still running at lower numbers whilst Covid is so widespread):

#Survive: Escape From Atlantis

#Flamme Rouge (with Peloton expansion), which went down so well we got 2 games of it in, plus a small run tile-laying KS whose name escapes me, but which made for a decent 3 player finisher for our table.

#Lost Ruins of Arnak

#Ark Nova


#Dune  (which actually finished early!!)


Moderator Level 110 months ago

Wow, that sounds amazing! Definitely jealous of your group, haha

10 months ago

Don't be too jealous - a group of 6 played Munchkin this week. That's the sh*t we have to put up with ;¬)

(very much said in jest)

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Lol, I'll never pick Munchkin but I do still have a soft spot for it, since my friend group played a ton of it.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

My personal favorite is "Hey everyone, come over to play [insert game here] tomorrow." No chance to argue. If they want to play their game, they can make their own game night event, haha

10 months ago

That's typically what we do to set plans! But sometimes after that game is over we can have this problem ahaha.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

I feel like once we're in our new house, this will be my method. Maybe not letting people know ahead of time, but knowing what I want to play ahead of time depending on who RSVPS

Moderator Level 110 months ago

When I use that method I like to let them know before they RSVP, so they can properly set their expectations

Moderator Level 110 months ago

I guess that's a nicer way to go about it lol I'm just like Surprise Motherfucker GIFs | Tenor