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What To Get?

Architects(4 votes) 67%
Cry Havoc(2 votes) 33%

6 votes

Okay everyone, I need some help.  Right now I'm deciding between two games and I need votes and advice.  I'm deciding between#Architects of the West Kingdom and#Cry Havoc.


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Supporter4 months ago

I ended up going with #Architects of the West Kingdom for a few reasons.

1. Official Solo Mode

2. It has a max player count of 5

3. While I know it's not the same I do already have an asymetric area control war game that I need to play more (#Root)

4. While I still want to add a true SciFi game to my collection, being an historian who has French ancestory and would like to look at French history a bit more the theme for Archtiects really speaks to me

5. I'm really excited about the virtue/corruption track

My only question for you two and before I play is how does the arrest action feel to you thematically?  I love the idea of that player interaction but it feels like... um why are you arresting my guys just for working in the forest.

Owner4 months ago

I wouldn't say that it's one that's "dripping with theme," but it makes sense. It's on account of a worker suspecting that another group of workers are being greedy in hoarding the resources by building up their combo, or that the worker suspects a group of making shady dealings. That kinda gets thrown out the window when you think about the fact that you can arrest your own workers, but I don't think about things like that. The better thematic touches in my opinion are when you're actually throwing them into the prison for money or when you hold them captive on your own board. Another part is that there are numerous building and apprentice cards with immediate or endgame benefits/powers that synergize off of the capture action. I also think that it's a game that very well depends on your group's personality. And it's also a game that I'd have fun with a whole lot more if it had 3 or more people. Seems like you have that, so I think you will enjoy it a lot especially since you appreciates twists on worker placements.

4 months ago

Both of those are excellent game in my opinion. Having played them both this would be my summary:

#Architects of the West Kingdom - Possibly my favourite worker placement game. The mechanics interwine in a really satisfying way, there are multiple paths to victory and there is a really nice dynamic set up with people capturing each others workers which is engaging but never feels mean. It is a bit of a point salad, but personally I don't mind that at all. You get to build something of an engine which is enjoyable and the fact that you just have this supply of workers with no 'collection' phase means the game has a nice flow rather than being broken up into rounds. The artwork is great and it's never failed to lead to a fun evening.

#Cry Havoc - A very different creature. It is highly asymmetrical and has a wonderful dynamic built in between the factions, however, due to the variability in the powers you choose, within that dynamic there is plenty of room to maneuver so I've never felt like I couldn't choose my strategy. The game is incredibly tight, you only get 15 actions the whole game and each one feels significant and usually involves a difficult choice of what to pursue. The deckbuilding aspect adds a nice sense of customisation on-the-fly and all of it comes together in a really clever way. The combat system (along with #Rising Sun) is the best I have come across, it is quick and can be surprising but there is no luck involved. Similarly both players can come away with what they want or neither which is kind of cool as there are different ways to 'win' a battle.

While I think you'll be delighted with either, my gut feeling says you might enjoy #Cry Havoc a little more. Both play best with higher player counts but I think CH does a better job at 2 or 3 than AotWK which is in turn a better solo game. Basically I think you;ve made an excellent short-list.

Supporter4 months ago

What group are you planning on playing these with? I would think for your standard group Cry Havoc would be more fun. But if you are looking for something to play solo then you have to go with Architects. 

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