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Weekly Challenge #4: My Top 10 Games According to the Pub Meeple Ranking Engine

Premium User

A while back I posted my top 10 according the to the pub meeple ranking engine.  I thought I'd revisit it for this challenge.  (

One of the cool tweaks I noticed is you can now modify what you are ranking based on your game rating.  This means I didn't have to manually remove options to only be ranking my top games.  (Saves time for how many comparisons you have to do to get the ranking.)

Without further ado, here is my top 10 as of this moment:

1. #Scythe

2. #Gloomhaven

3. #Brass: Birmingham   (Count Lancashire in there too.)

4. #Teotihuacan: City of Gods

5. #Concordia

6. #Terraforming Mars

7. #Great Western Trail

8. #Architects of the West Kingdom

9. #Champions of Midgard

10. #Yokohama

Give it a shot!  What's you top 10?


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5 months ago

5 months ago

Here are my was harder than I thought it would be!!

Premium User5 months ago

I find it hard because some of the comparisons are not really fair.  I enjoy #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition but I'm not going to want to whip that out all the time.  Is it better or worse than #6 Nimmt!?  Well it's worse if I want a filler game but better if I want an epic all day game. 

I tend to have more laughs playing 6 nimmit but the game feels more satisfying  with TI4 at the end of the play.

So I just tend to answer it with, "If someone asked me to pick between these two games to play right now which one would I pick?"  

But really it's up to the indiviidual.

5 months ago

I ended up having to do that! "What game would I choose right now to play" it worked for the most part and I definitely do agree with the list! My emotions and cravings change so that is how I was led lol. 

Premium User5 months ago

Good list!  A lot of my favourites on there too.  

5 months ago

Ya! We had a couple overlaps in there :) 

5 months ago

You have a pretty solid list here! I am gonna do this right now!

5 months ago

I did my ranking and it was excruciating, haha. Here's mine:

  1. #Oceans
  2. #Evolution: Climate
  3. #Dune
  4. #Everdell
  5. #Western Legends
  6. #Santorini
  7. #Concordia
  8. #The Isle of Cats
  9. #7 Wonders Duel
  10. #Viticulture: Essential Edition

Honestly, any of the games in the top 6 could be my #1 on any given day, depending on my mood, haha. Possibly top 7. Perhaps with more plays of all of them, I'll get better at differentiating, but for now, I love them all equally and for different reasons.

Premium User5 months ago

I find with more games played that it gets worse.  There are probably 15 - 20 games that could be top 10 depending on how I feel. 

For example, I'm surprised that #Gaia Project didn't make my top 10 this time around.  On the other hand, I haven't played it for a while and I have recently played GWT and Concordia.  And games most recently played definitely have an impact.  

You have some good games on your list!  I haven't played some of them but the ones I have played are great!


5 months ago

Thanks! And that's funny, I'd have thought it would get easier. But yeah I can see recency affecting the rankings, haha.

Premium User5 months ago

I think if you play the SAME games many times it would get easier.  If you end up playing a lot of different games but no game too often it gets harder!

I've been lucky in that I've probably played ~275 or so games which is cool but if I play a decent length game 5 times that's pretty rare.  

5 months ago

Oh I see, yeah I guess I was more thinking about playing these games several more times each to try to make a better determination

Premium User5 months ago

I think that is the way to go.  Get a breadth of experience then deep dive in to what you like. 

My group tends to want new games all the time and it's fun as well but sometimes I would like to play the same game a few times in a row to really get a handle on it.

5 months ago

Frankly I can't afford to only play a game once or twice before moving on to new games, haha

Premium User5 months ago

Oh I know I am lucky.  I have space and enough disposable income to buy a fair number of games.

But even luckier is I have 2 other people in my group that buy much more than I do and even the ones that don't buy much tend to buy some great games when they do.

Add to that the online play I've been doing lately and there is no end of games to try!

5 months ago

Haha, that's awesome. And I didn't really consider the digital option - I haven't done too much exploring there

Premium User5 months ago

There are a ton of digital options.  They all have pluses and minuses but we've made them all work.  A good chat app for the players is a must I think.

We've done tabletopia, boardgamearena, yucata, and tabletop simulator with success.


Supporter5 months ago

This is a list of some really good games. Well done. 

Owner5 months ago

By the way, are there newer games you've played this year (or games you've been eyeing on) that seem to have the potential to overthrow any of the spots in your top 10? My top 10 list is completely different from last year's because I got to so many new games in 2020 (new to me, at least)

Supporter5 months ago

I hear that, I expect my list to be fairly stable this year. But whenever I get to my backlog of games..... I expect some serious shifting to happen.

Premium User5 months ago

I have really enjoyed #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and #Villagers this year.  Not sure if they will make a top 10 as I skew a bit heavy but they are up there. 

#Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar was new to me this year and has top 10 potential. 

Owner5 months ago

Hmm I really need to get to rating all of my games. Also, I don't have my collection on BGG so I tried to rank them right now. It's super tough because it's hard for me to rank between my favorite solo, multiplayer (2p games with my wife), and family games. Here's my attempt, with more explanations provided below:

1. #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated (2p with Anna) - Just a very new experience and I love it despite the amount of juggling it involves between all of the reading and stickering

2. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) (solo) - I've been itching to get in a second play of this. Not sure if this should stay at #2 or go to #5 just below Concordia. But I decided to keep it here just because of how highly I regard this game

3. #Clans of Caledonia (2p with Anna) - This game has proven to have long staying power. Still such an enjoyable experience every single time and we're getting metal coins for an upgrade

4. #Concordia (2p with Anna) - One of our new favorites and the turns are so satisfying and I love how the game doesn't make you paralyzed with indecision even when you have 10-15 cards in your hand to play from. It may not be the optimal play, but you just kinda know what 2-3 of the cards you could go for are. Anyway, it's a great game

5. #Camel Up (second edition) (family) - Absolutely love this for family game nights

6. #Lions of Lydia: A Strategic Game of Ancient Prestige (2p with Anna) - I appreciated the simplicty of gameplay and the solid engine-building fun of #Century: Golem Edition, but that was too simple for us. Lions of Lydia seems like the perfect sweet spot of having just the right additional amount of complexity. Plus, it's so fun to play with meeples and is why #Keyflower is #2 on my wishlist. I've yet to introduce this to my wife but I personally think it will go well for us

7. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (solo) - Soloed once and played 2p with my wife once. With more plays, this game certainly has potentially to go up higher on this list

8. #Viticulture: Essential Edition (with #Tuscany: Essential Edition) (2p with Anna) - It's gone down from being our favorite game to play together, but we still need to add in two of the modules from Tuscany (special workers and structures to freshen things up)

9. #Root (solo) - It's my favorite game for 3p+ and I love the solo experience, but it feels limiting when you don't have the expansions. I typically don't want to deal with running multiple bots to make a fuller experience either 

10. #Fort (2p with Anna) - Will share my first impressions on this tomorrow! We've yet to play together but I'm pretty good at judging how a game might go for us. 


For anyone looking at my collection to see which ones didn't make the cut, please note that the games not on my list are either: (1) I haven't played enough to know, (2) I haven't played yet, or (3) I don't consider it my top game.

Also, here's my typical level of excitement for each category: 2p with Anna (my wife) > family > solo

This means that if a solo game is higher than the games of other types on the list, I regard it very highly.

Supporter5 months ago

Some good games on here Phil. 

Premium User5 months ago

Played Fort just this weekend. My thoughts from another post:

  It took us a lot longer to finish it than any of us expected but it was a fun little twist on a deck builder.  Definitely if you like deck builders and want something a bit different this is a good one to play.  I think I'd want further plays before I could nail down exactly how I feel about it.  Part of me says, it's fine but not spectacular but another part says it warrants another look to see if it gets deeper.

Premium User5 months ago

Good group of games!  Lots of variety in there as well which is nice. 

How stable does your list stay?  The order for me can shift a fair amount and there are probably 15-20 games that can be in my top 10 depending how I am feeling.

plus it can depend on how recently I have played a game as well. 

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