Weekly Challenge #6 - Solo Gaming

I can't say that I have done much in the way of solo board gaming.  I've spent thousands upon thousands of hours over my life playing solo video game (Zelda, Occarina of Time and all the Elder Scrolls games, just to name a few)  but Solo board gaming never really seemed to appeal to me.  Perhaps that's becasue I'm lucky that my family is my gaming group and so I have a built in way to play with others, but it's also that I just generally don't like the solo versions of games as much as the normal multiplayer games.  I have enjoyed some games in their solo mode but mostly in the app version of the game, like #That's Pretty Clever, which I've played hundreds of times, alone, but the game feels like it was designed to be that way.  While I realize that you can certainly solo Gloomahaven or 7th Continent or for that matter any coop game with open information, I find those games to be more fun when others are involved, even when they are doing somthing differently than the way I would do it.  In fact because they are doing it differently is why it matters.  I'm far from always right and how else would I learn if not through others, beyond making mistakes over and over until I figured it out.  So I guess my question to you is do you feel the games you play solo were desinged to be that way.  Or, even if done well, are they tacked on to tick the box playes 1- X?  If they are done well and desinged well what are some of your favorites?  Are there any you would prefer to play solo over playing with others?  Does the experince of playing them alone grow as time goes on, or does it diminish as you figure out how to beat the AI or whatever the goal is?



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Owner10 months ago

All games I decide to buy (to play with my wife) are with the solo mode in mind, so they're always solid! My favorites so far are #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), #Root, #Architects of the West Kingdom, and #Clans of Caledonia. I honesty haven't played enough to get to a point of tiring myself out from them, but I can say that it's not likely to happen soon because:

  1. Either the AI is really tough to beat or there's a high ceiling cap in terms of skill (Clans is somewhat like this)
  2. I typically acquire games with lots of variability (either in setup or through variable player powers)
  3. There's never enough time to get in a play so I'm usually just hoping that my schedule will clear off so that I can finally get in a session

Supporter10 months ago

There are some games that I would prefer playing solo. There are games that promote AP, and I really don't enjoy AP in a multiplayer setting. So, therefore, games like #Mage Knight/ #Star Trek: Frontiers I would prefer to play solo. 

10 months ago

2 I have not played and would be interested in trying...thanks!

Supporter10 months ago

you are welcome

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