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What popular game genres/types/mechanisms do you tend to steer clear from?


We have discussed several times genres, themes, mechanism, and etc. which really really peak our interest. This is the opposite question. What popular boardgame types do you tend to steer clear from. You don't even have tried the game type you are steering clear from.

For me there are several things that I tend to steer clear from.

  • I avoid all things C'thulu. I have no love for horror in general or Lovecraft in particular. And, while my stance on the propriety of problematic themes in boardgames isn't necessarily popular, I do find it deeply hypocritical when those who are very concerned about problematic themes embrace the Lovecraftian world. The Lovecraftian world is full of explicit and unapologetic racism. I also don't particularly relish the way he treats mental illness.
  • I tend to avoid party games. I have one or two that I like. And, I simply want to put my money elsewhere.
  • I have avoided high fantasy themes and tropes. This is mostly because the only IP's that use high fantasy that I have any interest in are Lord of the Rings and Gloomhaven. I don't have a particular problem with High Fantasy, but I am think it would probably pale in comparison with the LOTR IP. 
  • I have avoided all LCG's, TCG's, and the like. I am afraid that I would spend too much money on them.
  • I tend to avoid Pick up and Deliver games. I have played some that I really like. But somehow, when I think of it, I am generally not excited enough to pursue it.
  • I avoid app integration in games. This is partly because I am worried about the app becoming unsupported before I am done with the game. But, mostly it is because at this point I have no desire to mix screens with my gaming.

So, what do you avoid? and why?

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5 months ago


  • I will roll my eyes at 99% of the kickstarts that spam their campaigns and pages with renders of the miniatures while neglecting to excite people with the unique mechanics (if there are any).
  • I steer away from party games becames parties are parties and game nights are game nights :)
    Chances are slim I would every buy a dexterity game or a social deduction game in general.
  • I steer away from Lovecraftion stuff because I always found them overhyped and the Universe doesn't speak to me
  • I invested in a card game once: Star Wars Destiny.  it's already discontinued. I think that will be my last time.

5 months ago

I think I tend to avoid tile laying games in general and I am not really sure why. They just never seem to excite me

Supporter5 months ago

I almost exclusively stay away from coop games.  I need the direct competition.  The only exception is a game where you might be playing as a team against another team.  You have some coop but you still have the direct competition as well.  The only game I actually own that fits into that catergory is #1775: Rebellion

Supporter5 months ago

I have coop games. But, increasingly, I do specifically try to avoid them for multiplayer.

Premium User5 months ago

I have avoid military tactic area control type games such as #War of the Ring (Second Edition).  I had the game at one time and while I think it's a great game the genre does not suit my personality that much and it is extremely challenging to get to the table.  Honestly, the LotR theme was the only reason I was given that game as I would not have played it otherwise.

I don't tend to go after party games either unless I see one that I think our family will love for one reason or another.  

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